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Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 Review

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 Shoe Review

I’ve been running in the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 shoes for around a month now and I am absolutely smitten by them.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 Shoe Review

The Specs (from Mizuno)

  • Support
  • 12 mm drop
  • 8.9 oz

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 Shoe Review

My Thoughts

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12s are perfect for someone who pronates and needs something supportive. Despite the cushion and support that the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 provides, it is only 8.9oz. I almost didn’t believe it when I was running in them – they’re extremely light compared to other shoes that offer cushion and support.

These shoes also have stretch laces which really help with getting comfortably strapped in and there are internal straps for hold and support for your foot. Also, as weird as it sounds, I LOVE their shoe laces in general. I tend to high lock my laces to keep my ankle in place and for most shoes, using the top eyelets leaves me with very little to work with to tie and double knot my shoes. This was not the case for the Mizunos.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 Shoe Review

The asymmetrical heel pad design (pictured above, where the pink/white meets) offers support and cushion where needed.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 Shoe Review

A problem I’ve had with running is my pronation when landing. The Mizuno Wave Inspires have parallel flex grooves (those first two vertical white grooves) that help keep the foot centered on the platform.  In addition, the midsole platform to give you softer touch down every step of your run (or walk).

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 Shoe Review

Based on the month that I’ve run in them (and cross trained), I’ve seen an improvement. My feet are strapped in and the support that it offers have kept me from pronating.

Overall, I really enjoyed running in the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12. I appreciated how light this shoe was while still giving me a solid amount of support.


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Have you tried the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12s? What shoes do you currently run in?

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12 thoughts on “Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 Review

  1. Great review Carmy! I think my first pair of running shoes were Asics and I loved them, but they changed the shoe on me! When clients ask for shoe recos I usually tell them to start with Asics.

  2. So I am still on the fence with these.

    I started running in the Wave Inspire 9s, which were perfect. The 10s were awful and I loved the 11s. Now the 12s…. They’re just a little off for me. Not sure if it’s a good off or a bad off – I am running in them, but I don’t feel the same about them as I do my old ones, and it’s made me spend some serious time branching out to find other shoes to add to my rotation. Which isn’t the worst thing, but it was pretty easy when there was just The Shoe.

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