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Monday on the Run 1

Can you believe that it’s November already?! So it’s been 14 days since my half marathon and well … now what?



Monday – 30ish minutes elliptical 45 minutes cycling. core work. lots of that. squats 5×10 lunges 3×10 and Bulgarian lunges 3×10 leg lifts 2×10

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 34 minutes elliptical. 45 mins bike. planks 1:30, leg press/calf raises

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest


I had spent the last 14 days eating everything – I had maybe an average of 6 bags of chips (Ruffle Sour Cream and Onion y’all!) and a ton of popcorn, fried foods, and just junk in general!  Crazy right?  Well I’m pretty sure I’ve gained 5 pounds.  So what are my plans?  Well first to lose those 5 pounds and maybe an extra 3 more mainly because I was a wee bit on the heavier side this season due to my lack of lifting (oops!)  I took this last week of recovery really easy.  I eased myself back into working out by doing some easy low impact cardio work outs as my body wasn’t ready to run yet (my inner thighs are a bit tight still but I’ve been rolling a lot!).

This coming Wednesday will be my first run back and it’s be some easy intervals!  I’m actually a little excited to be running again and because I got the chance to be able to test the Polar M400 I’m pretty excited to be able to go on a run with it!


As for my long term goals now that my “A” race is over, I actually do not have my eye set on any race in particular so for this season I’ll be focusing on base building.  I feel like last cycle, I had a lot of little niggles here and there because my body wasn’t ready for the speedwork.  I’ll admit that I do not think that my base was there and ramping up speed so quickly was just not a good combo for me (especially when I had to keep missing my strengthening sessions).  So for now, I’ll be focusing on base building and strengthen before doing a lot of speedwork again.  Fingers crossed that this season will be injury free!  I’ll probably be aiming for another half marathon as I really don’t feel like training for a marathon anytime soon – I don’t have the time to commit to it and the half is so much more fun! Haha 😉

So I know a lot of you had your goal races recently too (Chicago, STWM, New York, etc) and I want to know: how did it go? What are your upcoming plans?

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PS I GOT MY HAIR CUT.  I’,m not a fan of cutting my hair – I don’t like trusting someone with my hair!  My last hair cut was maybe one and a half years ago and I’m actually very pleased with this cut! More than half is gone!! Maybe I’ll be speedier without all this extra hair weight! (I have freakishly thick hair…)



<3 Carmy

20 thoughts on “Monday on the Run 1

  1. Love the haircut. Isn’t it so freeing?! I love how quickly my hair dries afterwards lol. I was just about to say that I totally think that you have a solid plan, looked up, saw Lisa’s comment, and realized that I have nothing to contribute that is new, apparently, lol.

  2. Sounds like a perfect plan. Base building is something Mike and I have been trying this last year ourselves and we’re both finding it is working really well for us. Looking forward to next year – I know it’ll be a good one for you! 🙂

    As for the haircut, I used to only get my hair cut once a year as well. Part of it was laziness, but I convinced myself that if I splurged for a super $$ hair cut and didn’t colour or do any other treatments to it, it was worth it. But, then I had crazy long hair and it got annoying.

  3. Love the new haircut as well! It is different for a guy I think, I get my ‘little boys regular’ haircut every 6 weeks, pretty much the same one I have had (except for a few years where I went shorter) since I was, well, a little boy. Exciting, eh?

    Good for you taking some rest and refocusing – especially being busy with classes, etc – and I think for most people a half marathon is the perfect thing in terms of fitting into a busy life.

    • hahaha funny you should mention that – my BF was shocked that my hair cost $50 + tip to cut until I reminded him how he pays less for his hair cut but he goes every 6-7 weeks whereas I go once in a blue moon LOL

  4. Love the hair! I have ridiculously long hair and I need a cut so badly – but just like you said, I’m so paranoid about trusting another person with it!
    I think running a half is the perfect excuse for eating everything!

  5. It can be a challenge to get back into it after you reach a goal, especially one like a half marathon! You are doing great! I just got back into my strength training this week too! We’ve got this!

  6. I love the haircut and that you’re being honest about taking much-needed rest after a race. I feel like sometimes we can get so caught up in chasing down the next race or the next PR that we neglect rest time. It really is just as important, even if we do eat a little more and a little more junk (I’m sooo guilty of this).

  7. I have no races until May of next year. Winter’s here in Manitoba are brutal and there’s no way I’d be ready for the hypothermic half in February. I have tons of goal/dream races (many you mentioned!). Hopefully one day!

    For now, I’m going to sit back and admire that beautiful Polar M400 you’re sporting! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it

  8. Good plan Carmy! Speed is a function of strength and endurance so without those two it’s almost impossible to get faster. I’m back to base building too and trying to get down to an appropriate race weight that will allow me to set some new PB’s. Perhaps we can meet up at ATB in March? Your new hair cut looks amazing!

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