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Monday on the Run #11

It’s Monday! Please take me back to the weekend!



Monday – 3k
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday –  7.6k speedwork
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 9.52k hills
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 15k easy

ummmmm I’d totally like to preface the next sentence with “I totally do NOT have a problem.” Monday was supposed to be a recovery run BUT Queenie of Queenie’s Cards texted me that Target had washi tape so I booked it to Target and by booked it I mean I ran 1.5k in 7:15 minutes and proceeded to buy a lot of stuff that I totally need (I got some shoelace safety lights for $1 too!!) haha.

Wednesday I ran 6 x 300m @ 5:00 then 1k @ 5:35 (I was supposed to do 2k but it was the polar vortex and I was just done).

Friday was my first hill session in like a year probably! I haven’t done hill repeats in SO long and I ended up doing 5 hills instead of the prescribed 6 but I did 2 baby hills to test my ITB beforehand and had to run up a big hill to get home ):

Sunday I ended off the week with my longest run since my half marathon. An easy 15k and it was waaaay warming that Wednesday and Friday so I was one happy runner!  Didn’t even need to wear a jacket!

So that’s how last week went for me!  What about you

PS hope you guys saw my post yesterday!  Hoping to do my circuit at least twice this week!  Also, I’m super sorry that I haven’t been responding to the comments left on my blog.  I promise – I read every single one and am super happy that y’all took the time to read and comment! I’ve just been a bit overwhelmed with school starting so I’ve been a bit behind on everything.

<3 Carmy
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<3 Carmy

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