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Monday on the Run #12

It’s Monday and I’m sick! yay ):



Monday – 4k
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday –  10k speedwork/time trial
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 8.3k recovery
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 12.3k easy

Last week was a bit crazy for me. I did a time trial for my coach to see where my fitness level was at the moment.  I stupidly had pork bone soup before hand because I didn’t want anything “heavy” and something easy to digest.  You’d think by now that I would learn that no, pork bone soup is NOT light and takes forever to digest so I did almost 4k of the 5k time trial and wanted to die/puke throughout the whole thing.  After a 3k warm up around 5:30-6:00 pace, I held almost 4k at a 5:05-5:10?

Pretty sure after that Wednesday + a 1k sprint between class A and B is what killed me. (Have I mentioned that on Thursdays I have 4-5 classes in 5-6 hours depending on the week.  I literally have an 1 hour break to subway to my next class at 12-1 and then I have a bunch of 1 hour classes (4 to be exact) that requires me to run 1k between each other? #largecampusproblems) My shins are done. I think I have shin splints and my run on Friday and Sunday confirmed it.  My shins were on fire when I went down hill and everything was in so much pain afterwards.  My usual ITB issue on top of it didn’t help at all!

Now I’m going to have a low mileage week with a lot of resting/icing (if my class schedule would just go away…) and try to talk myself into cross training (you guys know how much I don’t like it! I much rather be running.)

So that’s how last week went for me!  What about you?

PS hope you guys saw my post yesterday!  Hoping to do my circuit at least twice this week!  Also,  once again, I’m super sorry that I haven’t been responding to the comments left on my blog.  I promise – I read every single one and am super happy that y’all took the time to read and comment! I’ve just been a bit overwhelmed with school.

<3 Carmy
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<3 Carmy

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2 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #12

  1. I havent done a time trial in so long but really should! I was going to run a one mile race a few months ago but couldn’t make the race. I’m really curious as to what my mile time would be. I really need to get back into running…I’ve only been running like 1-2 times a week though I just started doing more circuit training too! I love it so far…I’m hoping it also makes me faster!

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