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Monday on the Run #14

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Other than being piled under a mountain of school work, I had a blast.



Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday –  7.42k easy
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 7k easy
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 8k easy

I’m slowing adding mileage back into after taking a week off for shin splints and let me tell you, that was hard! Here’s a break down of my thoughts for Wednesday’s run but it was pretty much me realizing how a week off + snow = feeling out of breath in 2k!

I woke up Sunday feeling a little under the weather and emailed my coach saying how I might have to skip my run but after finishing some schoolwork, I was starting to feel better and so I bit the bullet and went out for 8k!  It was my first time using my yaktrax and boy were they amazing. I might be doing a review on them soon because I LOVE them!

Ok, let’s do this.

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So other than running and studying, I actually had a pretty great weekend.  After work on Saturday, I met up with some ladies (and Batman) from the Toronto Instagram running community and we all got dinner and chitchatted about life.  It seems like Around the Bay is still the most popular race for the spring so maybe next year I’ll be up for 30k.  Right now, I’m trying to fix what I broke so slow and steady is good for me!  We went to our usual meet up spot and it was a blast. I love how Instagram/our love of running brought us all together and it’s always a fun meeting new people (being the introvert that I am – please invite me out, I swear, I like hanging out, I just suck at initiating it!).

So that’s how last week went for me!  What about you?

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20 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #14

  1. Oh the cry of the introvert! I can be like that too – ASK me to join and I WILL!. Wait for me to ask and nothing will happen. Hehe. Those yaktrax look serious, too btw. I’m amazed at you snow runners.

  2. Which model yaktrax do you have? Mine are semi old school (at least 8 years old) and I loathe them. I’m wondering if the new ones are easier to run in?

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