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Monday on the Run #15

Hope you guys had a great weekend! I decided to get taken down by the flu so it wasn’t a very exciting week for me.



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Just when I thought I could slowly ramp up my mileage … I was taken out by the flu!!!  I spent the whole eat feeling like crap, not moving, and studying for a test and 2 midterms this week ):  I spent all week eating nothing but congee and chicken noodle soup so you can imagine how happy I am today feeling better and eating EVERYTHING.

So today I got to thinking…after a week off for my shins, a bit more than another week off for a cold then a flu… I have to rethink my race schedule.  I wanted to do a half April 22 in Montreal but at the rate my training is going, that race may no longer be on the table.  Yes I have 2 months to train for a half but 2 months may not being enough time to train well for it.  Ramping up mileage has been a proven way for me to injure myself and winter running hasn’t exactly treated me well so far.

I hate not being able to do a race I so looked forward to but sometimes it’s for the best.  We’ll see how this pans out over the next few weeks but things aren’t looking too good.

So how did your week of training go?  Ever had to back out of a race?

<3 Carmy
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<3 Carmy

9 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #15

  1. Oh no 🙁 The flu caught me back in January. It was bloody awful. Thankfully I am okay now. I haven’t had to back out of a race. I cancelled once when I was in a minor car accident and I didn’t have the wheels to get to the race. Cheer up! You are probably making the right decision for your overall health. Rest well.

  2. Oh man – sick and you still had to study! What a cruddy way to spend a week. I’m glad you’re feeling better though – it’s always nice when you finally get your appetite back post-sickness and can enjoy that first meal 🙂

  3. Carmen,

    Hang in there girl! I totally feel the same way you do right now. I’ve had to had some emergency medical work done recently, which has put me out of commission from running for the next 4-6 weeks. Not only is there stress for the inability to run for a couple of weeks, but the added stress from a full time job and college courses do not help either.

    I was signed up for my first marathon in May, and training was going so well, until I hit a bump in the road. Now, that marathon seems like it will need to be deferred until next year. Sometimes it feels like just when you have a really good build up, you get cut down and hit the ground real hard. I’ve been having health issues since last year, which coincidentally ended up messing me up every single time I’ve attempted to complete a marathon. Last year I felt so bad because I just couldn’t get back on my feet and complete a full marathon and I felt so disappointed. During the Holidays I did a lot of self reflecting and came to realize that instead of feeling bad for myself about how many times I got knocked down, I should be proud that I did not and have not given up.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is this: don’t feel bad for a little set back. Be happy that you get an opportunity to re-energize so that when you do get back in the game, you come back strong. Keep on truckin’ Carmen!

  4. Hope you’re starting to feel better now! I’ve been struggling with reduced mileage too, and it’s no fun. Definitely have to re-think some goals too. Hopefully you can get back on track, but absolutely do what is right for your body.

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