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Monday on the Run #16

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Almost forgot to do this post today because reading week has started AND it’s a long weekend!  So today totally isn’t Monday for me.



Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday –  Rest
Thursday – 8k
Friday – 3k
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Rest

Oh my goodness.  Last week!  I finally finished all my midterms on Thursday so I pushed my Wednesday interval run to Thursday.  Of course I had the pleasure of non-shoveling neighbours because this was what I was running on.


My body hurt the next two days. DOMs killed me! Haha. I could barely move the next day! I was supposed to do 8k with 1 x 6 @ 5:00 but I could barely break 5:50 so I stuck around there for my 1k intervals.

Friday I didn’t even want to go out but I did it! Just a wee bit though because I was so sore.  Sunday was a whole different story.  For one, wind gust was 77km/hr (aka 48 miles per hour) and it was supposed to feel like -40 degrees!  WAY too cold for me especially after recovering from the flu, I didn’t want to risk it.  Days like this, I wish I owned a treadmill because I didn’t want to pay the $10 drop in fee at the nearby indoor track.   Whoever chanced it outside are a champ and I have nothing but respect for you!

So how did your week of training go?

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<3 Carmy
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<3 Carmy

17 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #16

    • it drives me NUTS. Sometimes I just start shoveling my block just so the parents who walk their kids to the school down the street doesn’t have to walk on that terrain ):<

  1. Yeah that wind was crazy!!! I really give major props to runners who have been running this winter – I have not done so once yet! As much as I hate the treadmill, I’d rather that than being outside. Can it get warm yet?!

  2. A lot of people around here don’t shovel. I think it’s a combination of selfishness, long work hours, and the fact that we just don’t get snow all that often…

    I hate paying the drop in fee to run as well, but I have a feeling I have some of that coming up this week.

    • it’s just so frustrating sometimes because we live near schools. I saw a 7/11 “forget” to do their sidewalks after pushing all the snow from their parking lot there and kids having to climb over the mini mountain! But yeah, drop in can add up! $10/drop in is too steep for me ):

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