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Monday on the Run #17

My reading week  is over! ):



Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday –  Rest
Thursday – 8k
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 11.2k

I’m sorry for my lack of posting! I’ve been buried by school work last week.  It didn’t help that my presentation partner decided to drop our class last minute and I spent the last few days trying to put everything together myself ):

Anyways, last week I was feeling a bit bummed out with running…if you follow me on Instagram, you’d read how I was feeling unmotivated between my injuries and then catching the flu and having to pull out of a race due to my training getting off track.  However, I just wanted to thank all of you guys again because the running community has done nothing but encourage me!

I ended up going out and crushing my Thursday run after that!  I was scheduled to do 8k with 2 minutes @ 5:30 x5 and I crusheeeed it! I went harder than schedule and I felt amazing!  So once again, thank you my fellow runners! 🙂

<3 Carmy
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<3 Carmy

4 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #17

    • Thank you! The snow definitely gives me an excuse to skip runs when you’re told to stay indoors to weather out the storm. I need to buy a treadmill…lol

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