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Monday on the Run #19

Happy Monday! I can ALMOST see the light. One more month to go before the semester is over!



Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday –  7K
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Missed Run
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 5.2k

My shins makes me want to cry! I am so done with them hurting! I need to step up my strengthening.  Anyways, I was super stoked that I nailed my intervals on Wednesday! My splits per k were 6:21, 6:09 (started 4×2), 5:57, 6:37, 6:19, 5:48, 5:57 with 4×2 pace 5:40, 5:35, 5:35, 5:00.  I thought I was getting my groove back but then Friday hit and I was working on my essay after work until 12:30 am so I missed my run then on Sunday….ugh!

I was at a wedding Saturday night and ate something that had me swelling up like a puffer fish!

#michelleandjasongetsmarried #IHAVENONRUNNINGCLOTHES

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Not being very comfortable because I was itchy and swollen, I ended up doing only 5.2k. Super bummed at myself.

Fingers crossed this weeks goes better and if you have any tips for my shins, please share!

So how was your week?

<3 Carmy
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<3 Carmy

32 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #19

  1. I only ever had shin splints once or twice when I first began running and I am pretty sure it was because I had increased my mileage too quickly. I have also heard they are caused by running in worn out shoes, or in shoes that don’t suit your foot type. Have you had your shoes professionally fitted?

  2. Do you warm up your shins before you run?
    For me that’s become crucial (and I totally didn’t do that on Saturday). I just tap my foot (using my heel as a hinge) and make sure to stretch my calves before I go. And orthotics have helped too.

    One more month – you can totally do it!!

    • can I get my compression socks to be glued onto me? haha. I have noticed an increase in shin pain with the decrease of wearing my compression socks ):

  3. Stretching really helped mine, but I haven’t had them in years.

    Were you puffed up from water retention or did you have an allergic reaction? If it was allergies, do you have any idea what it is? (Sorry, the allergy mom in me is concerned…)

    • I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to sesame ): I usually puff and itch when eating hummus with tahini or eating black sesame based desserts. A few here/there doesn’t hurt but if there’s too much sesame oil or it’s a sesame based dish, I get a reaction ):

  4. I hope you’ve depuffed by now and that your shins feel better (I wish I had some tips for that, but sadly, I’ve got nothin’!)! :[ I was the puffiest after I got my wisdom teeth out. I’d laugh at my reflection because I looked like a really angry chipmunk! 😡

    • ahahahaha! that’s the only way to describe it! did you by chance have people teasing you by eating delicious food nearby since you couldn’t have any?

      • I’m a terrible patient, so I was actually already eating regular foods about 8 hours later. ._. Ain’t nobody gonna get in between me and delicious food! :o!

  5. ouch, shins! I’ve battled shin pain for the past few training cycles but I heat regularly and basically live in my compression socks. Oh, and lots of glute strengthening. It helps A LOT!

  6. girl I feel ya on the shins! Something that has helped me is icing every night and massaging my calves every night. You’ll feel knots and those might be contributing to your shin pain. Also, try doing band exercises (where you flex your foot, flex it sideways, etc). That has helped me a lot too. I have an example of this exercise on my youtube channel if you need a tutorial!

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