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Monday on the Run #20




Monday – 7k
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 8k
Thursday – Cross training.
Friday – Missed Run
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 15.2k

Monday I did a shake out run because Sunday was a bust.  It felt good going out and no itching like crazy!

Wednesday was crazy. I personally cannot believe I ran these splits so MAYBE my polar doesn’t like where I was running?  It felt weird because I was doing a 2k loop of rolling hills with headwind because I was taken up to the middle of nowhere….8k with 3k progression in 48 with my splits: 6:11, 5:52, 6:13, [5:53, 5:50, 5:50], 6:16, 6:27. I could not believe I did that with hills!  I’ve been kind of out of it the last few months so nailing my recent runs feels good!

Thursday: 35 mins of cycling while I cheered on my recruits as they ran! Then 500m easy run (pacing), leg lifts and calf raises at 70-80lbs.


I’m happily spinning away in my new @nike lunar tempos while my two amazing recruits run beside me

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Then 3hrs at a the One of a Kind Show… 3hrs for one loop! I of course bought a ton of pretty things…. shop local right? 😉 haha.

Then Sunday, I did 15k! My longest run since the Scotiabank half marathon! I’m just so amazed at myself considering how many runs I’ve missed or flopped in the last two months, I really cannot believe that I ran it. Also, I managed to pick up one of my Nike 15k recruits along the way haha. He made me run up a flight of stairs so I’m reevaluating our friendship as I type this…LOL 

Sometimes I pick up runners/recruits along the way! #nrc

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Phew! That was an interesting week… fingers crossed next week my runs will be just as strong!

So how was your week?

<3 Carmy
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27 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #20

  1. So glad to hear you had a fun week! Mine was a little tough but my weekend was amazing. Took in an amazing Broadway show and ate ribs. 🙂

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