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Monday on the Run #21 + RACE GIVEAWAY

Happy Monday! (Disclaimer: regarding the giveaway, I am NOT being compensated in any shape or form.)



Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 8.4k
Thursday – 1k + crosstraining
Friday – 7k
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 10k+

It was quite the week for me! My last exam for the semester was Wednesday! So after my exam… I went and hit the road to celebrate!  I was supposed to do a 10k pace ladder but by the time I got half way through the ladder exercise, my shins were aggravating me again so I cut it short.  Better safe than sorry…

Thursday was just a little run…to the mailbox! How many times have you been walking to “run an errand” and realize you could probably get there faster running? So I ran it! Haha. Saved me 5 minutes and burned a couple calories in addition to my cross training.

Friday I was pulled off the track workout by my coach because of my shins. Bummed, I headed back out to the trails.  Dirt paths seem to be the only thing that don’t bother my shins.

Sunday was filled with fun!

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I convinced my bestie to get off the road with me and explore a brand new trail.  It was scary but such a blast!  We ran approximately 10k but climbed, hiked, slide, and jumped a total of over 2 hours! The makeshift path/bridges were what scared me the most.  A few were pretty high up and I was worried about slipping/tripping and going tumbling down the cliff! It was practically like an obstacle race with all the fallen logs too!

Speaking of obstacle racing, the other day, I was contacted by Spartan Race Canada!


Spartan Race, voted Outside Magazine’s Best Obstacle Race, is the world’s leading obstacle racing series and the first of its kind to feature timing and global rankings. With over 130 events in 17 countries during 2014 alone, Reebok Spartan Race has made obstacle racing one of the fastest growing sports in the world…and they’re in Canada!

Spartan Race has generously provided me with a free entry to give away on my blog and in addition, a 15% off discount code.  Use AROO15 for 15% off!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So how was your week?

*once again, I am not compensated in any way regarding this giveaway or discount code.

<3 Carmy
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28 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #21 + RACE GIVEAWAY

  1. The Spartan race looks like so much fun but I don’t think I’d be physically ready for it. Maybe one day though. What a cool trail you ran on it looks awesome.

  2. Love a good trail run. Especially a trail i’ve never been on before. You can just get lost on it and concentrate on yourself.

    Spartan’s are by far the best OCR race series out there. Would love the chance to run one up in Toronto this year.

  3. Never done an obstacle race before but have heard Spartan is pretty fun, would love to try it this summer.

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