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Monday on the Run #22

Happy Monday….summer semester is BACK! haha…



Monday – 4k
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 8k
Thursday – 1.63k + crosstraining
Friday – 8k
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 10k

Monday I took a little gamble and went out for a 4k shake out run off the trails to see how my shins were feeling. The run went okay, no major pains or complaints. Glad to know the strengthening is paying off!

Wednesday and Friday was back on the trail!

Thursday was a fun Nike Run Analysis session! They’ve noted that I’m a neutral runner with a heel to mid foot strike.

Hello from the @nike van

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My friends and I were supposed to go to the gym afterwards to cross train but we got distracted… and this happened…   20150507_200601Oopies! Haha  

On Sunday, we did a group run! It was on concrete! And some trails but mainly concrete and my shins weren’t killing me!  I am so happy!  Of course I had us go exploring… and we may have gotten a little lost and hit some dead ends   20150510_113722

Are we even still in toronto? 😂😂😂 A photo posted by Carmy (@runcarmyrun) on

Our prison break run 😂

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I mean, we are all safely at home now so we totally got through it! LOL! We just had no idea what the path was or where it led 😉 but those are the best types of runs right?

So tell me, how was your week? What type of runs do you think is the best? Or you like me and enjoy getting lost in the trails or do you need to plan out all your runs?

<3 Carmy
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30 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #22

  1. If I’m training, I tend to plan things out so I know where I’m going. If I’m just out for a run, I’m happy to wander about until I feel like turning around.
    Glad your shins are cooperating!

  2. Something that has helped me with my shin splint issues is ice cup massages and just massaging my muscles every night. What causes my shin pain is a tight posterior tibialis muscle. I find that when that gets tight my shin bone is super sensitive. Maybe it works for you too!

  3. I love trail running. The run analysis you did sounds interesting. I had something done before – learned I had high arches and need neutral shoes but with cushion.

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