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Monday on the Run #23

Happy Monday….aka long weekend for Victoria Day! Woo!



Monday – 6 mile bike ride
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 9.5k
Thursday – RMT
Friday – 19.85 miles bike ride
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 11.7k

Okay so apparently… I am all kinds of broken! After an iffy run on Wednesday, I booked a last minute appointment with a new RMT over at Athlete’s Care for the next day (early morning. That’s how serious I was! I woke up waaaay before I usually do haha). After an assessment – the RMT was able to find quite a few things wrong with me.

For one, I had a rotated sacrum! That causes things like back, groin and thigh pain. I had no idea how long it’s been going on for but I was pretty surprised to find out. The RMT then had my laid down and popped it back into place for me. Holy smokes I was totally bracing myself for the pain but it was pretty painless! More shock than pain to be honest.

Next, we kind of figured out what was causing my shin splints (or at least contributing to the pain). This is where I don’t remember all the names and stuff mainly because I was still in shock over how she popped my sacrum. Anyways so my quads are freakishly tight which may be because my glutes aren’t doing their job (and is also very tight) which causes the muscle that goes down and wraps around the bottom of my foot to be pulled inwards. That causes my foot to hit the ground on the outside first when running and contributes to the shin splints on the interior of my right shin.

Here I was thinking maybe it’s my mileage increase (so I toned it down), or maybe my shoes (so I switched them), or maybe my legs just didn’t like concrete (so I went into the trails) but it was my muscles just not getting along with running.

I had so much information thrown at me I wish I had my notebook to jot it all down in! I was also told my hip flexors were tight (hence my groin pain) so pretty much everything below my waist is super tight and needs to be stretched out more often.  And here I was thinking that I was going pretty good despite not seeing my original RMT for over 3 months!

When I told my friend, her first reaction was “how are you still able to run?!” Haha

So in summary – everything is tight! Despite my foam rolling and stretching… I need to do more (and see an RMT more regularly).  Is it too much to ask for to have an RMT follow me around every where and massage me daily? LOL

So tell me, do you see an RMT regularly? Are RMTs and sport clinics readily available for you? How was your week?

<3 Carmy
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26 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #23

  1. welcome to my world! I have the same issues. I need to see my RMT soon – my muscles are out of whack and that is causing some shin pain for me too – now that I think of it, last marathon training went well because I saw my RMT regularly – but I’m also lazy with stretching….

    • RIGHT?! My 2nd half i saw him biweekly/monthly and I was pain free! 3rd – not so much. I definitely could have stretched more – something I failed to do whenever I do group runs since I didn’t want to hold up the group after, keep the store we met at opened longer, etc :/

  2. This may be a silly question, but what does RMT stand for? You sound like you have a lot of similar issues to me..Its crazy how the body will find ways to compensate for muscles that aren’t doing their job! Hope you are feeling better now after figuring some of this out and getting an adjustment!

    • Registered Massage Therapist! Oh man, at least we are not alone in this struggle haha…it totally sucks but I’m glad I know what’s wrong now

  3. It’s amazing how weak glutes can basically cause ALL THE PROBLEMS!
    Since working on my hips and glutes I’ve felt far better and stronger, so there is light at the end of the tunnel for you 🙂

  4. Ouch! I am so glad you are getting everything worked out and I hope you have some relief.

    I am the worst – I can’t stand massages. They are relatively easy to come by around here, but I want no part LOL.

  5. I’m sorry for your shin splints! A tip: a way to find your midfoot, at first its almost like running on your toes but as those muscles in your lower leg develop you can run midfoot almost naturally. I feel the shin pain to the point that I had to stop my running, so terrible!

    Thank you for this article!

  6. This is what is causing my shin pain too! Tightless! Where are your quads tight? My therapist said my inner quad muscle is super tight which might also be causing my shin pain. And all three therapists I’ve seen have all been shocked at how tight my calves are. I do need to be better about stretching it all out!

  7. I think being very tight is just a byproduct of running. I don’t see a RMT nearly as often as I should. Keeping everything loose and balanced is such a challenge.

  8. I am so overdue for a massage! Maybe I will break down and schedule one but I often put many family expenses before myself. I hope you start feeling looser soon!

  9. I wish I had an RMT. That sounds awesome. Not the tightness and stuff, but someone to help you with it. Occasionally I go visit my chiro and he helps me out, but I only do that when I have a specific issue.

  10. I haven’t been to an MRT in years, but I should probably go, cuz I know I have issues with muscle tightness.
    One of my friends went to one a couple weeks ago and found out that his knee is rotated which causes issues/pain when he’s just walking. Cue months of physio 😕

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