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Monday on the Run #24

Happy Monday! Hope my American readers are enjoying their long weekend!



Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 10.6k
Thursday – RMT
Friday – 10k
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 15k

I had a pretty great week! Monday being long weekend, I got to watch both Pitch Perfect and The Avengers! Watching movies at the VIP lounge is completely game changing! I got to drink a mango/peach slushie AND eat lobster grilled cheese with poutine while watching the movie!  It was definitely a fatten weekend for me!

Lobster grilled cheese and poutine 😀

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My runs have been pretty much pain free ever since my sessions with the massage therapist and I’m over the moon! On Wednesday I managed to run a ladder within my 10k (2,3,4,3,2, minutes at race pace) and Friday a 3k warm up with 2 x 1.5k @ 5:30. Pain. Freaking. Free. WOO.

Thursday I went back to the RMT and oh my goodness. My hips were so tight but she loosened them right up! In addition to that, she cracked my foot. She cracked my freaking foot! Can you believe that! My foot was so tight that it was “stuck.” It wouldn’t even bend! So after some warm up, she cracked it and wow it felt amazing!

Sunday I woke up pretty exhausted and I was so done with running! I was out for 4k and could barely pick my legs up but luckily for me, I bumped into a friend who was volunteering for a race on the path I was running. He was walking back to his car and I convinced him to run with me, non-running shorts included haha.  I’m so happy I bumped into him because he paced me for the rest of the run and had me picking up the pace.

All in all, it was a pretty good week. Despite the major weight flux at the beginning of the week, I managed to be down 1.5lb overall. What’s a cheat day or two right? 🙂 You only live once!

What did you do last week? How were your runs? Hope you had an incredible week!

<3 Carmy
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13 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #24

  1. Happy to hear you’re running pain free! I only made it out for one run and a hike this weekend, even though my plan was to start upping mileage again to do a 25k trail race in September. My weekends are just getting too busy 🙁

  2. I love fancy movie theaters like that! We used to have one 10 minutes from where I lived, and it was hard to give that up. Sigh.

    We saw Age of Adaline yesterday, and it was great!

    OUCH on your foot! I don’t think there is any way I would let anyone crack my foot! You are brave!

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