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Monday on the Run #25

Happy Monday! In a few short hours, you’ll be seeing my whiny tweets about today’s mid term!



Monday – 10 miles bike
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 6k intervals
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 8.3k track
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 15k

Monday’s recovery bike ride was pretty tough. It’s interesting seeing how post long run, it takes me around 25 minutes to bike 3 miles “easy” whereas the other Friday when I biked on fresh legs, it took me less than 20 minutes to bike 3 miles.  So I gotta keep reminding myself that recovery = stop staring at the time/distance. Just get it done!

Wednesday was frustrating… because guess who slept in? This gal! So I had to get my run in after class.  I was scheduled to run 6 x 60 seconds at 5:00 pace with 2 minutes recovery. My splits were 2k warm up, 6 x 60sec @ (5:00, 5:05, 4:51, 4:58, 4:54, 4:40) w/ 2 min rec 1.28 cool down. I was feeling tightness in the groin area around the 4th sprint and it was starting to worry me so I cut the run short.

Friday was track day and of course… I slept in! I usually do my track workouts after work but I accidentally agreed to work a double shift so after 8 hours, my legs did NOT want to run!

Was ready to die after the 1000m but stuck it through. 😢🏃🙈

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I was ready to give up by the 1000m but I didn’t want to disappoint my coach since I had already slept in ):  I didn’t nail my 5:00 pace and dropped to 5:30 due to tired legs. A little frustrating but I did it! Whew!

15k in rain • rain or shine right? Have a great Sunday!

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Sunday, I managed another 15k! I’m quite happy since this is the 2nd 15k this month for me ever since I got sidelined in April.  I’m taking more care in stretching after my runs now so fingers crossed that was my last injury of the season!

So that was my week! What did you do last week? How were your runs?

<3 Carmy
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21 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #25

  1. You’re doing great!

    I did a 5K and then a training run last week – I’m battling with my plantar fasciitis again, so I have to take it easy. Boo.

    • I hope you get better too! My friend has it and it hasn’t been getting better so she’s off to a sports doc to try and get her fasciitis fixed ):

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with track workouts. I HATE doing them, but it’s the only thing that will make you faster! Luckily I have no time goal runs planned for the next year, so I’m off the hook for now 😉

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