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Monday on the Run #26

Happy Monday!



Monday – 4k
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 9k
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 8.5k track
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 13k

I was pleasantly surprised on Monday! I hadn’t done a recovery run in quite a while. The last time I tried to incorporate Monday recovery runs, I got sidelined with an injury. It actually went well! I went faster than expected and somehow did 4k after a 15k Sunday run.

Wednesday was just awful. I had high hopes for the week with my Monday run but then Wednesday morning came and mother nature punched me in the lady parts and I ended up only because able to do 3 of the 800m interval assigned out of 4 and had to call for a ride home.  Shit happens right?

Moving on to Friday, I freaking nailed my work out making out for my less than stellar Wednesday run!

My times were 0:48, 0:47, 0:51, 5:56 for the 400m (goal was 0:50-0:55), 4:47, 5:03 for the 1000m (goal was 5:00), and the 200m I finished in 1:41 (goal was 1:50-2:00)!

Like look how happy I was!!! So happy until Sunday!

Sunday was just…eh. I woke up exhausted (I picked up my race kit after work yesterday and my steps totaled more than 10k – whew!) I had my lovely friend Lisa pacing me but I just couldn’t nail my pacing and only ended up doing 13k and walked 2-3k between.  I’m definitely a wee bit worried about my upcoming race this Sunday (Nike Women’s 15k) and I’m pretty sure I won’t be PB-ing it (1:30) so my goal is to just have fun and not focus on time this coming Sunday.

So that was my week! What did you do last week? How were your runs? Do you have any races coming up that you’re worried about?

<3 Carmy
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16 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #26

  1. I think focusing on having FUN rather than a good time is a great idea. If you’re not having fun, then why do it? 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

  2. Great job on that track workout. I am hopeful Sunday’s race goes better than expected.

    I have a july 4th race I am running for fun, a three-series race in August that I am slightly serious about (but again, it’s more the challenge of three races in 24 hours) and the RnR Virginia Beach half. I’ll be running that with my husband, so we shall see how that goes.

    Here’s to a great week for you!

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