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Monday on the Run #27

Happy Monday! Only 3 more days until my birthday!!!



Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 2K
Wednesday – 10k
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 6k track
Saturday – 7k
Sunday – 7k

Last week was a mix of great and horrible runs.  On Tuesday, I decided to go out for a little jog to test the waters with my toe and luckily, it was good to go so I giddily waited for Wednesday to come. There’s seriously no rest for the wicked because I did not get my usual post race week off, instead I got workouts!

Wednesday I was scheduled to do 2x2k intervals and I managed to nail them at 5:22, 5:16 and then 5:15, 5:03. I was pretty much over the moon!  It set a great tone for the week.

I was a little nervous about Friday since I had 4×200, 3×1000, 600, 400 but since I managed to hit the 2x2k, I thought the 3×1000 should be okay…. and boy was I wrong! So backing up a little, I had spent Thursday evening helping out at the Paper Fair so my feet were quite tired and I had a shift Friday morning at work. So by the time Friday evening rolled by, my legs were pooped. I managed to bang out the 4×200 – slower than I usually do by at least 8 seconds, and then half way through my 1000, my legs were done. My calves were seizing up and I knew it was a no go. So I ran home. Bummer!

Saturday was the summer solstice! Which meant I was talked into going on a trail run to celebrate! I managed to do a 7k loop while cursing at the hills and barreling down hills because I was like “f this. I’m going for it” after baby stepping down some steep hills. It was quite a blast! A friend of mine won a draw prize from Salomon!

Can you spot me? Got my ass handed to me by @salomontoronto! #getofftheroad!

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I had a blast! Until I was practically STRANDED because the subway decided to stop working and it took me almost two hours to subway home at 12 in the morning! Talk about annoying.

Sunday I was curious as to how my legs would handle 3 back to back runs (haven’t done that in a while!) and well… it didn’t go over too well. It was around 30 degrees (86 fahrenheit for my American friends) and it just felt gross. I did almost 4k before I gave up and ducked into the trails because it was shadier and cooler (beside the creek) in there.  I ended up doing 7k because calling it quits as I ran out of water and safely making it home is more important than finishing a long run – especially in the heat.

Overall I’m not too disappointed in my week as I did have a strong Wednesday work out plus I got to run with my amazing friends on Saturday. I was only 3k shy of my 35k week I was aiming for and based on the conditions, I’m fine with that!

So that was my week! What did you do last week? How were your runs? Did you race? I saw some bling on my Instagram feed over the weekend!

<3 Carmy
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18 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #27

  1. Great job on your workouts! I had a few great runs and a few crappy runs as well last week. But I just know that’s going to come along with training. I raised a half marathon yesterday in the humidity it was certainly not my best but I am happy with my finish.

  2. Sounds like a super productive week! Had some decent work outs last week (I don’t really run anymore but enjoy lifting) and am looking forward to this week. Jealous that your weather was in the 80s!

  3. Fun! I really need to get out to a trail one of these days.

    No races until 4th of July! And then we we are back on the bling train!

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