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Monday on the Run #28

Happy Monday! I’m finally back with my Monday on the Run posts!



Monday – 3.3K + hiking
Tuesday – cross training
Wednesday – 5K Fartlek + hiking
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 6k track
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 6k

So after 3 weeks of physical therapy… my butt is officially working again and I was able to start running more intensely again. It was rough trying to be patient but after last Saturday’s race, I saw how being patient had paid off.

Anyways, Monday was my first run since the race. It felt weird as my leg still had that leftover stiffness feeling you get after racing (but it was fine Sunday when I went hiking). So instead of pushing to 4k, I took it easy and stopped at 3.3K.

3.3k done! Now to cross train then it’s off to Hamilton to hike!

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Hiking to the devil’s punch bowl. A photo posted by Carmy (@runcarmyrun) on

hiking devil's punchbowl devil's punchbowl

Tuesday I cross trained and it felt like a nice change of pace after the race then 2 days of hiking and a run. The range of motion movement was different and it gave me the break my legs needed.

Wednesday was really fun! It was my first real “hard” work out in a long time and I was so excited to do it. I started with 1K hard with 2:00 cool down x2 and then 7 Fartleks (don’t know what they are? Check out my coach’s post). It was different from what I’m used to and it was a little difficult to do on tired legs but I got it done! And then because I want to have even more tired legs… I had to hike! (Can you tell I’m enjoying my first real week of “summer” since summer school/work?)

5K hike. Down pour the second we got into the car.???? A photo posted by Carmy (@runcarmyrun) on

It’s been such a blast hiking last week – I already miss it and don’t want school to start! There’s just something so freeing about going off the path and exploring the woods.

???????? 5K hike today

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  I’m already planning out when I’m free next to go hiking again haha.   Thursday was a rest day and I ended up going to a spa (full on spoiling of myself this week!) and was massaged from head to toe – literally.   I was a little worried on Friday because I’m usually pretty sore from massages to run well the next day but since it wasn’t like the massages I get from Athlete’s Care, it was easier to “recover” from. The plan on the books was 5×200 with a 2k warm up and cool down. Target pace was 5k time so 1:00/200m and I somehow nailed it. I had slept in so I had to run after work causing me to feel sluggish but when I got to the track, I managed to run them @ 0:54, 0:53, 0:53, 0:56, and 0:54! I wanted to hurl after but it was worth it. I’m quite happy seeing myself progressing from barely being able to run properly/hard a few weeks back. It was such a nice change of pace.  

Sunday unfortunately was pretty much the opposite of Friday. I only had 6k scheduled but I woke but tired and sore (work the day before). I went out dreading it as it was 25 degrees with 78% humidity (that’s 77F). The run was beating down, I was already above my easy run heart rate, and I was covered in a layer of sweat. Half way through, I ended up having to take off my shirt and take a walking break – just then a man in LONG SLEEVES breezed past me! I was both amazed and horrified. And if that wasn’t enough, when I was about to stop to walk up a hill (hey, don’t judge. I’m not ashamed!), the joggler ran past me. Effortlessly. Juggling while running at a pretty speedy pace. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty defeated.

Oh well, what matters is I got out there and finished my run. It wasn’t the strong ending I had hoped to end the week off but there’s always next week. I’m just getting a little nervous as my half marathon is starting to approach waaaaaay too quickly for my liking.

All my run buds are doing 20+ k and it really took a lot of effort on my behalf to do 20k total this week!  But hey, progress is progress. I did more this week than last and I’m feeling stronger than the weeks before.

So how was your week? Do you enjoy hiking? Anyone race? 

<3 Carmy
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24 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #28

  1. Don’t worry – I’m in the same boat. I don’t think I’m going beyond 30K a week for STWM. Remember last Fall when I was 40-50+ by this point 🙁 I still can’t figure out how people go beyond 50 regularly 😉

    • I wish I lived closer to trails! I wouldn’t mind the desert too much I think but the one time I did a hike pre-spring/green, the trail gave off quite a creepy vibe! Is it like that in the desert?

  2. Your hiking trails look so beautiful! So glad you are feeling better!! Patience and taking rest days when you need them is definitely the way to go.
    BTW, I love fartleks!

  3. Sounds like a fun week! Love hiking!! Looks like you are exploring some fun places! Definitely listen to your body, you will get to where you want to be in time!

  4. Coming back to training after physical therapy is rough! Great job listening to your body! I will admit to being too stubborn at times and paying the price later.
    I love hiking, but haven’t done much of it since my daughter was born. I need to get back to it!

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