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Monday on the Run #29

Happy Monday! Labour day has come and passed… guess it’s time to face the real world!



Monday – Crosstraining
Tuesday – 4K + Crosstraining
Wednesday – 8K + Crosstraining
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 6k track + Crosstraining
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 7k

Remember how last week I said my glutes were finally working again from physical therapy? Well guess what wouldn’t stop hurting! Ha!

After the scorcher of run on Sunday last week, my coach told me to take Monday off or go cross train because the heat was only going to get worse. You can probably guess what I picked to do… I headed off to GoodLife Fitness to get my membership and soaked in the air conditioning while I happily biked for an hour while watching the Food Network.

5 miles and counting @goodlifefitness 

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Tuesday was a double for me. In the morning, I headed out for 4k and it was definitely a rough one. It was still pretty hot and I honestly felt like melting! However I got it done and headed off to work. I was assigned another 30 minutes of crosstraining in the evening though and luckily for me, I work beside two GoodLife Fitness locations. So I was able to hop on in one, cycle til my hair was drenched (not even kidding) and hope right onto the subway underneath the location and was home with only a 30 minute time difference.  

Wednesday was once again hot hot hot (seriously Toronto… Calgary has SNOW and we have a heat wave?!) so I had to wait around until the temps dropped a bit before attempting my workout. I had a 2K warm up, 2K @ 5:40, 1k @ 5:30, and 500M @ 5:25 on the books. I ended up doing the 2k 5 seconds too fast and the 1k/500M around 5:35. Oops. Not feeling too good about the pacing, I headed back to GoodLife Fitness and cycled 13 miles.

Thursday my legs were so sore, I spent the day in bed instead of cross training!

Friday was 6k at the track. I was supposed to do 6X400M. However, for some reason, my calf wouldn’t let up so I called it quits after 4X400M. I felt that it wouldn’t hurt doing 2 less laps whereas doing 2 more might do some damage as I’m still recovering from my injuries. I ended up heading back to the gym to try and loosen up my calf by biking 15 miles.

Sunday was a looooong day. I had 7K planned and had to head to the island for the 6:30AM ferry to work on the race my running club hosts. I ended up doing my 7K on the island (in the rain!) and I was seriously so tired from the 5AM wake up call that I was moving a good 1 minute below my easy run pace.

I ended up doing 25K total which is progress! Slowly approaching my peak of 35K/week pre injury. Woohoo!

So how was your week? Anyone race or volunteer? Any good news to share? 

<3 Carmy
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24 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #29

  1. Congrats on some great mileage this week! I definitely have those weeks where I hit my mileage and not necessarily my paces, but hey, you learn from it! Every mile counts, no matter how fast or slow!
    My good news is that I haven’t felt any IT pain this week (I was injured earlier in the summer). Knock on wood! It is so nice to enjoy an entire week of running pain-free.
    Hope that calf lets up on you soon!

  2. Like seriouslyyyyy what was with that heat. How I went from almost having heat stroke on Monday to throwing a fit in the rain at my race on Saturday morning … actually, that’s Ontario weather for you. You’d think I’d be more prepared since I’ve lived here my whole life.

  3. Good for you on the cross training! I think biking is awesome when you can’t run!
    Have you tried pool running? Such a great workout also and really simulates running without the impact.
    It is still hot here and probably will be for a while 🙂

  4. Yay glutes! Sounds like a great week. But I can NOT do the heat. Fortunately I think the heat waves in our part of Oregon have all officially washed over us and we’re heading into cooler territory from here on out! Wooh!

  5. I had to cut down from 6 repeats to 4 yesterday too for my track workout bc my shins hurt and my legs felt like cement. Isn’t that the worst?? I always feel so defeated and mad when a workout just doesn’t happen as planned. But you still have a good week of training and cross training!

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