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Monday on the Run #31

Happy Monday! Last week was … weird. I pretty much spent 4 days napping but I still got it done.


Monday – Crosstraining
Tuesday – 6K
Wednesday – OFF
Thursday – 10K
Friday – OFF
Saturday – OFF
Sunday – 15k

Like I mentioned above, last week was pretty weird. Monday started off fine, I crosstrained at GoodLife Fitness for 45 minutes (before going for 5lbs of wings… haha).

Tuesday was another 6k on the treadmill between class and work.

Wednesday was when it all started. I woke up and felt exhausted so after I went to class, I went straight back home and napped. I missed my run and couldn’t bring myself to go do my run. Thursday I stayed home from class and slept pretty much the entire day. In the evening after texting my coach, I decided to go try for a run. I did my Wednesday workout: 10K with 3×3 minutes @ 5:25. Surprisingly I managed to get through it. However, I was still exhausted afterwards – I ended up spending Friday and Saturday sleeping…the entire day. I can only assume that it was my body’s way of telling me that I needed to take a break with doing multiple double-a-day work outs.

Luckily, Sunday I was able to get out of bed. I had 15k schedule so I dragged myself out. I had crazy heavy legs the whole time. I could barely lift my legs but my mantra for the day was “you’re tired, not hurt – so keep going.” It took me a lot longer than usual to do the 15K but after spending the last few days in bed, I’m just going to assume it was due to that. It was my first 15K since June so I guess I should be feeling happy that I’m finally hitting longer distances. The walk breaks were just very frustrating. Oh well, a run’s a run and I got it done!

So how was your week? Anyone race or volunteer? Any good news to share? 

<3 Carmy
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18 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #31

  1. Sounds like rest was needed. Glad you took it. It’s hard for me to judge my tiredness, but right now I feel like it’s more lazy and burnout than actual tiredeness. Still listening though ….

  2. “A run’s a run and I got it done”

    YES! Great attitude. It’s so important we acknowledge when we got out there and did it even if we weren’t really feelin’ it. Hopefully that rest was just what your body needed so you can come back to feeling strong again this week!

  3. I feel ya on those frustrating runs where your legs feel like lead! But you’re right, a run is a run. Walk breaks suck but if you need to take them to get the run done, then you gotta do it (thats what I tell myself on my walk breaks at least lol). Way to finish the run regardless!

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