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Monday on the Run #32

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend – I sure did!


Monday – Crosstraining
Tuesday – 7K
Wednesday – 10K
Thursday – OFF
Friday – 6K
Saturday – OFF
Sunday – 20k

Let’s just start off and say thanks to everyone that has reached out to me last week regarding my 4 day nap. I’m currently in better shape and my energy levels have increased!

Monday I was feeling pretty great so I went to GoodLife Fitness to crosstrain. It was only 30 minutes but I had gone after work and didn’t feel like staying there too long (…because I needed to get home to watch the new episode of Castle LOL!)

Post work crosstraining at @goodlifefitness ??? #runnersnotrunning

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Tuesday I had another treadmill run. I’m starting to get used to running on the treadmill while being super bored. I still prefer the great outdoors but I needed to be at the gym as I was between class and work. Still getting used to the treadmill, I had accidentally hit the emergency and I felt like my life was over! I literally went NOOOO as I didn’t get a chance to see what the distance I ran was. It was almost the end of the world haha. I was not impressed with myself. Wednesday I ran 10k, with 6×2 min @ 5:18, 5:30, 5:19, 5:10, 5:22, 5:18. Unfortunately, it seems like fall has hit and I had to pull out the long sleeve for the run. Friday was disastrous – I was supposed to run 10K with 5×1200 but I just couldn’t do it. I was barely holding onto to race pace and called it quits after 6K. Stubborn, I refused to call for a ride and walk/ran my way home in the freezing cold. Sunday went way better than expected. I was dreading going out for my run… coach had me doing 18K and if I felt good, tack on 2 more. I stalled in bed for as long as I could and finally went out at 1PM. At first, I felt over dressed because my long sleeves and tights felt like overkill but after an hour, the wind and chill picked up and I was happy I was nice and bundled up. I’m quite excited to say that I managed to run 20K and didn’t feel like death after! I saw a few friends along the way and at the 19K mark, I saw a blind baby raccoon that was just so helpless! Luckily passerbys were already on the phone trying to get the poor thing some help. I honestly couldn’t believe I managed to pull off the 20K. I feel less worried about not being able to finish the upcoming race. I don’t mind finishing the race slow but I really want to be able to get through it. For a change in pace, I listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast and it was definitely a great way to get through 2.5 hrs of an easy run. I think I might start going the podcast rule for long runs now – anyone got any recommendations?   


EDIT: um HOLY $%^&! I just realized I hit 43.5KM this week (planned 48 but an oops on Friday set me back). The most I’ve been able to hang onto was 35KM/week before getting injured. Every time I tried to get through 35, I’d hit a snag. I’m seriously blown away.

So how was your week? Anyone hit the emergency stop button on the treadmill by accident before? Do you listen to podcasts, music, or nothing when you run?

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<3 Carmy
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12 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #32

  1. Great job on getting in all those K’s this past week. (I’m such an American – it’s taking way too much thought to translate those to miles LOL). Glad that the rest days helped you feel better this week.

  2. I usually binge watch my shows on Netflix when I’m on the treadmill! I have a treadmill at home. I was running on day and stepped off the treadmill to grab some water and my son turned the treadmill off. It was an important run and I had no idea the time or distance when he turned it off, I was so mad!

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