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Monday on the Run #33

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great Halloween weekend!


Monday – 5K
Tuesday – OFF
Wednesday – 5K
Friday – 5K + CROSSTRAIN
Sunday – k

So last week I did not post a Monday on the Run because my coach had me taking the week off. And by week off I mean texting her almost daily asking if I can crosstrain since I couldn’t run after the half marathon. She said no. I asked regardless because I was definitely feeling like an eager beaver.

This week I’m easing back into my runs and they were all easy runs. On Monday and Wednesday, I did 5K each (I wanted to keep going but had to show restraint!)

brooks running

Thursday I went on my first spin bike at GoodLife Fitness and holy – it was life changing! My heart rate was a good 10-20 higher than when I use the exercise bike and I was able to push harder. Usually on the exercise bike I can take my time or stay on for an hour but after 30 minutes on the spin bike – I was done!

Friday I got my first “workout.” I did 5K with an easy 5×60 seconds at race pace: 5:16, 5:25, 5:53, 5:40, and 5:20 – as you can see here, I still don’t really know what my race pace is. I ended my run at GoodLife Fitness and hopped on the spin bike to do another 30 minutes.


Saturday morning, I was convinced by my friend to check out something called Jock Yoga (strength and endurance focused yoga hybrid) and holy crap. I had never done so many (failed) attempts at push ups! I sweat almost more than I did the day before on the spin bike! It was not what I expected but it was an intense full body workout. And because I have fallen in love with the spin bike… I bussed over to GoodLife Fitness after brunch and finished my daily workout session with 20 minutes on the spin bike.

Sunday – after eating a ton of food at the Halloween party the night before – I totally slept in then did 10K with hills and of course, you guessed it, ran to GoodLife Fitness to spin some more. It was a calorie scorching day!


How was your week? Anyone race the New York Marathon or any local races? 

<3 Carmy
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24 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #33

  1. Wow! Sounds like a fabulous week!

    I had a tough week, just because of my allergies. It’s hard to run and be strong when you are struggling to breathe 🙁 I certainly go through it, but I wish it had been easier.

    • I went in knowing nothing about it because I never heard about it too! I did SO many push ups at jock yoga and totally sweat more than I did the day before spinning! It was so intense.

  2. Sounds like you’re making the most of your GoodLife membership! This reminds my I need to reacquaint myself with a spin bike soon. I’ve been riding outside all summer.

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