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Monday on the Run #34

Happy Monday!



Monday – REST
Tuesday – 5K
Thursday – 5K
Friday – 5K
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 6K

Remember how last week I was practically at GoodLife Fitness everyday because I fell in love with spinning? Well my coach told me to cut out all my doubles because I was going to burn out! My mileage has been low so I had a lot of energy to burn off but I would definitely burn out if I had kept going but would have tried to work through it (and this folks, is why I have a coach). So this week, I’ve been listening and following my plan.

Monday was a rest day. Tuesday I got an easy 5K.


Wednesday was crosstraining and core. For the month of November, GoodLife Fitness has a special where you can try one month free so I got my partner to come work out with me!

brooks running

Yes, we have matching shoes haha! I convinced him to spin with me for a bit before he left me to go do weights. I was on the spin bike for 50 minutes then did some squats in the squat rack and some light core work.

GoodLife Fitness spinning

Thursday was slightly crazy. We had a lost wallet panic on our hands so my run was delayed while we tore the house apart looking for a wallet. After retracing all our steps and going out to look around – we had to call the bank to cancel the cards…. only to have found it in a pair of old sweatpants. I wish I was joking! So after all of that, I got to go out and hit my backyard trails and do another easy 5K.


The weather was crazy warm – people were in shorts and tank tops which is definitely not regular November weather! Then later in the evening, I met up with Vicky and we went to a Vega event. We learned about post recovery nutrition and got some great Vega swag!

Vega Toronto

Friday I did another 5K with pick ups at 10K pace and then I ended off the week with an easy 6K in the trails again.

trail running

So how was your week? Anyone hear about the GoodLife Fitness promo? Anyone lose their wallet like we lost ours only the find it in a pocket?! 

<3 Carmy
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17 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #34

  1. Great training week! I love the pictures taken from below while you’re running. Was that using a timer or did you have a photographer lying on the ground? 🙂

  2. Unless I’m in serious race training mode, I never work out too much. I’m too lazy for that. ;o) Ugh on losing the wallet. I’m constantly looking for random credit cards I’ve left laying around the house.

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