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Monday on the Run #36

Happy Monday!


Monday – SPIN
Tuesday – SWIM + SPIN
Wednesday – SPIN
Thursday – OFF
Friday – SPIN
Saturday – OFF
Sunday – SPIN

So a super boring week for me – lots of spin and by lots… I mean LOTS. Goodlife Fitness and I were practically best friends as I spent all my workouts there! *Side note: GoodLife Fitness and ParticipACTION are teaming up to get Canadians started on the path to an active and healthy life. From November 22-30, GoodLife is hosting a ParticipACTION Open House, and will be giving Canadians access to all clubs across the country, for free!


Lots of quality time with the spin bike… haha

I even swam! I did an accidental brick workout on Tuesday. I got to the pool at 9:10 and they were closing it at 9:30 to fix the whirlpool in the ladies side so I swam as fast as I could until the very last minute then hopped on the bike after because I didn’t think 15 minutes of swimming was enough when I was allocated 30-40 minutes of crosstraining.


So yeah – nothing new to report. It was a decent week and I can’t really complain – nothing is “hurting” and I’m just counting down to my physio appointment!


My dog did get lots of extra walks while I had more time with my lack of running! He was quite pleased with the deal haha. And all this extra time… I’ve spent watching Jessica Jones on Netflix!

So how was your week? Anyone else injured? Anyone race? 

<3 Carmy
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16 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #36

  1. That is a lot of spinnin’! I need to get my indoor trainer set up for days when I don’t want to run outside. It’s getting too cold for my liking right now!

  2. Spinning is so awesome and it’s a great way to keep fitness during injury. I was on the bike a ton when I was injured.
    I am so sorry that you are injured. I hope you are back out on the road soon!!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!!

  3. Funny how it is all a matter of perspective. I get grumpy when I “have” to run and I love swimming and cycling. But cycling outside, not on a spin bike. Good job getting it done, though!!

  4. Aw, I’m sorry! I hope you get some good news from the physio!

    I am coming up on my big race, so just taking time for my last few training runs and body circuit classes.

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