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Monday on the Run #37

Happy Monday! After a week’s hiatus for school, I’m back! But I’ll be keeping this update post short and sweet!


Monday – 3K
Tuesday – REST
Wednesday – 3K
Thursday – OFF
Friday – 3K
Saturday – OFF
Sunday – 5K

I’m SUPER happy to be running again! I know technically I should have waited for physio clearance but my coach thought I was ready (and I’ve been dying for a run).  To be fair, I got a phone call about having to push my physio appointment back by another week due to a conflict on their end so I was already feeling super frustrated since I already had to wait 3 weeks.

mizuno wave inspires

Anyways, I started with baby steps. 3Ks only to test my leg out – so far so good. The level of pain I was experiencing a month ago was not there but my calves were tight.


One of the reasons I think I’ve been hurting less is due to me changing my shoes. After a fitting with my coach, I no longer wear my Asics Gel-Nimbus and have switched over to the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12s. I’ve added Superfeet inserts and have been walking exclusively in them too – aka no more Uggs!!! I’ve never been more sad about my lack of Uggs haha. Maybe I’ll test wearing them with my Superfeet inserts in them… I found with the change of shoe and insert, my arch is better supported and is contributing to my decrease in pain.

Anyways, I’m finally off to my physio appointment today so wish me luck!

So how was your week? Anyone else injured? Anyone race? 

<3 Carmy
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21 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #37

  1. I’m a pretty devoted Mizuno Wave Inspire wearer (with Superfeet inserts), so I think that will be a huge help. Just my biased opinion 🙂

    Glad that you are able to get back out there! It can be so hard just resting and not running.

  2. Congrats on your recovery. Its great to start with baby steps. I agree with how shoes can have a major impact. Also you might want to start doing some foot exercise. I wrote a blog post about foot exercises for runners. I am sorry I am podiatrist by nature so its so hard not to give some foot advise too:)

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