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Monday on the Run #38

Happy Monday!


Monday – Crosstraining. Strengthening w/Michelle, Lululemon Yoga
Tuesday – REST
Wednesday – 3K + Strengthening
Thursday – 3K
Friday – Strengthening
Saturday – 3K
Sunday – 4K

Monday was crazy! I started the day off at work, then stopped by Lululemon before going to Goodlife Fitness to meet up with my coach Michelle. I’m so happy (and lucky) that we both have the all gym access memberships so we’ve been able to meet up for her to help me with strengthening and running.

I started off with 30 minutes on the elliptical before we worked on strengthening.



Then we worked on running drills together in the group fitness room.

After almost two hours at GoodLife Fitness, I went home to shower and prep for the Vega x Lululemon x Pursuit OCR event.


lululemon yoga

I literally went home and past out after. I was exhausted! My Polar M400 said I was almost at 300% of my daily activity! Whew!

Tuesday I could barely move so I took a rest day and spent some quality time with my massage therapist.

Wednesday I was back on the grind. An easy 3K with my new running form that Michelle was helping me on Monday and did my strength and core circuit.


Thursday… All the strengthening! And then a 7PM-10PM exam!! I’m exhausted! Friday was pretty much the same with the strengthening and then I ended off the week with two easy runs over the weekend. I can’t wait for higher mileage… I know I shouldn’t be comparing myself to others but I really do miss running further and I’ve been feeling so slow lately after taking some time off that it just sucks to go on Instagram and see how everyone’s running like a 6 minute mile and 10 miles.

So how was your week? Anyone tried 3 workouts in one day?? 

<3 Carmy
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14 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #38

  1. You are awesome! I have never done 3 workouts in one day. 2 has been my max. Now I jump for joy to get my run in and some strength training.
    What a fun week for you!!!

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