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Monday on the Run #39

Happy New Year Everyone! The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to our regular scheduled programming! Haha!


Monday – REST
Tuesday – Easy 3K
Wednesday – REST
Thursday – 6K
Friday – REST
Saturday – 3K
Sunday – 4K

So the holidays were crazy! I’m a firm believer of focusing on friends, family, and myself so my workouts were number two on my priority list. Most days of the year, working out is number one but the last two weeks I pretty much did nothing but eat, sleep, and party (and of course going to work…). I’m currently very filled with cheese, chocolate and turkey so my runs last week was quite heavy! I had lost 4lbs before the holidays and of course gained it right back! No regrets!

Anyways, on Tuesday, I did an easy 3K to shake off my legs which ended up with me in bed and missing work because I got a killer migraine and cramps afterwards. I had trouble sleeping so running at 7AM wasn’t my best idea.


If you can’t excel with talent, triumph with effort. #justdoit

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Thursday was my last run of 2015 and my very first training run since being benched. My physio has been MIA so I went by feel and my legs were feeling good so my coach had me on an easy 2k warm up, 6 x 1 min @ 5:05, and 2k cool down. It felt amazing! I totally miss training runs and my legs were so happy. 

Saturday I felt super sluggish on my 3K as someone over here decided to have two desserts between lunch and dinner on Friday. I pretty much ran belly first!

And finally Sunday… after two weeks of slacking due to the holidays – my hot spot came back on my run. I cut it off at 4k as I started aching and didn’t want to risk it. Definitely getting back into my strengthening routine this week.

So how was your week? How did you start off 2016?? 

PS NYE… I totally almost fell asleep before the countdown but ended up eating a lot of snacks at my friend’s party to stay awake haha. I had woken up to work at 9 and then running afterwards so I was pooped for the party! #runnerproblems!

<3 Carmy
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19 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #39

  1. Girl, I totally missed the NYE countdown. Mr PugRunner likes for me to stay up with him, but I had gotten up at 5AM to run, and it was a long day. So…. no.

    I can’t believe how cold it looks by you! I still haven’t had to whip out the gloves, let alone tights. I feel like we’re missing out perfect running weather. Happy New Year!

  2. I agree that friends and family come first over the holidays. I got in most workouts, but definitely didn’t give all of the 100% – and you know what – I don’t feel bad about it! I have a big big race this week and then I’ll be back in action :). Happy New Year!

  3. I indulged at the holidays because my mom’s food is too good not to. But I squeezed in workouts when I could and just enjoyed the time. I don’t see a need to “detox” per se but adding more veggies and water has helped get me recharged and ready for the new year (which I was in bed for by 10 pm, lol).

  4. I had a few more Christmas cookies than I should have, but I did get in at least a short workout every day of the holiday season. Go me. (And then I totally started slacking…)

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