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Monday on the Run #41

I’m back! Thank you for being so understanding about my hiatus and those who have emailed or messaged me. You’re all the best <3


Monday – REST
Tuesday – Intervals
Wednesday – 30 minutes easy
Thursday – 40 minutes easy
Friday – Hills
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 60 minutes easy

So I’m back! Both to blogging and training runs. I’m quite happy with my progress as I never really did get cleared by my physio (he torn a muscle in his shoulder or something in that area and had to take time off) but with consistent strengthening and rolling, my legs are feeling good!

Monday I took a rest day and decided to nap all day because it was Family Day in Canada (aka nothing’s opened and I didn’t have to go into work).

Tuesday I decided to go explore the ROM with a friend of mine and got to see the dinosaurs! Of course I waited too long and was devastated to find the Pompeii exhibit to have left already.

Royal Ontario Museum


Afterwards I devoured 3 of the pastries pictured from a local cafe before taking a little nap and going to the gym to do my intervals.


Wednesday was a second day of adventure! I went over to Ripley’s Aquarium (of course I didn’t realize they had a reading week special for post secondary school students so I paid full price…) and got to PET CRABS, STINGRAYS, AND MORE. Then it was back to GoodLife Fitness to do an easy 30 minutes.


ripley's aquarium of canada

Thursday was an easy 40 minutes and then Friday was 3K warm up, 6 x 60 seconds hill repeats, and 2K cool down. Easy peasy right? Well NO. It was my first set of hill work in forever and I wanted to puke because of course I had fried chicken for lunch right before it! Then later on in the evening, I went to a build a smoothie bowl workshop with Vega and made this beautiful bowl:

Vega Smoothie Bowl

And finally Sunday! It was an easy 60 minute run and 15 minutes in I was feeling bored so I decided to “get lost.” I took a few random turns and just ran mindlessly until I found a new trail to explore! I got super muddy because we had a week of snow/ice before rain/sun over the weekend but it was worth it! Side note: my friend saw my photo and told me to watch for axe murders haha. I really should explore with a friend but it’s all part of the adventure!


So how was your week? Are you concerned with axe murderers on your runs? 

<3 Carmy
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22 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #41

  1. Watch out for axe murderers, haha! Although my mind can sometimes go into overdrive when I’m running. That trail looks really nice. And yummy – those pastries!!

  2. Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Carmy. We are delighted to have you join us. Family Day sounds like a great holiday! I know you must be excited to be back to training. I recently went through an injury and did not run for 10 weeks. Ugh. I don’t worry about axe murderers, usually just stray dogs and sleepy drivers. Thanks for linking. I hope to see you here next week.

  3. Ha I think I should be more concerned with axe murderers but they are not at the top of my list! I run in a small town so I would not even begin to give you advice on running in a huge city!! I can tell you, I am so very glad you have chosen to link up with us in Weekly Wrap! Glad you are getting back in the swing of things and I do hope you’ll join us again!!

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