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Monday on the Run #43

Its been a while but I’m back for another Monday on the Run. I can’t believe it’s almost race season so here’s how my train has been so far!


Monday – REST
Tuesday – 20 minute easy
Wednesday – Intervals
Thursday – REST
Friday – Intervals
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 18K

It was a solid week for me! I did my longest run since last training season so let’s break this down.

Monday I was exhausted after the 15K the day before. I had a rest day so instead of breaking a sweat, I went to check out the Bolle and Serengetie Spring/Summer line!

Tuesday I did an easy 20 minutes and my legs were not happy with me haha. They wanted to rest but I needed to get out there to do a shakeout run.

Wednesday was a breakthrough for me. I was dreading the 800m repeats. 800s hurt! And this time around, I was doing them 20 seconds faster than two weeks ago. I started with an easy 2K warm up before it was time to throw down. I did 6 x 800m in 4:02 and by the 5th one, I was seriously considering crying. My legs were screaming at me until the very last moment. I was so happy when it was time to cool down! Unfortunately, 1K into my 2K cool down, the bottom of my calf cramped so I called it a day after 1K. I was so happy that I finished. I was literally texting my coach during the rest period between the 800s how much I was dying and hated life haha.

After Wednesday’s killer work out – my body was screaming for a rest day so I sent a message to Michelle to let her know that I wasn’t up for doing another easy 20 minutes. I took a rest day and then threw in some of my physio rehab exercises with the resistance band that I’ve been neglecting to do. Oops!

Friday was fun! I did a 2K warm up, 8×2 minute intervals, and then a 1K cool down. It was Good Friday so we got the day off and I spent it running and eating gelato! 😉

Gelato night! ???

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And finally we hit Sunday! I had 18K on Sunday and it was my longest run since October 2015 and I was excited to go out and get it done. I was worried as I was going to go it alone but I wasn’t sure how my body would take it. Surprisingly, I did pretty well! It was a slow one but I finished so that’s all that matters. I saw an adorable corgi puppy, ran into an old friend/run buddy, and found a new trail! Not bad in a day’s work!

I have 18K today sooooo guess that means it’s time to go exploring! ? How was your Sunday run? ??

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Anyways, enough with my rambling! I hope you all have a great Monday!

So how was your week? Did you have a good Easter? 

<3 Carmy
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18 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #43

  1. Yikes…800’s are tough (which is why I don’t do them very often LOL). I’m just starting to up my mileage for my half marathons happening this spring. I typically don’t do a lot of speed work (on the track), but I do like hill repeats and an occasional fartlek session on the road.

  2. Great week of training! I am NOT a fan of 800’s, haha. I don’t like anything under mile repeats when it comes to interval work… my favorite being 3 x 2 miles. Sounds like a successful day on your long run, too. A puppy, a friend, and a new trail. Sweet.

  3. Great job on the repeats! I haven’t done any since last summer as I’m building back from injury. I always did 600s (because that’s just the length of that strip of road-haha) but always feel beat up afterwards. Congrats on that long run too. It looks like a nice place to run. Thanks for linking with us Carmy.

  4. Great job on your long run and hey seeing puppies and new places always makes it better right? You know I have never tried gelato. I keep saying I will when we go to Disney but never do! Thanks Carmy for linking up with us!

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