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Monday on the Run #44

Its been a while but I’m back for another Monday on the Run. I can’t believe it’s almost race season so here’s how my train has been so far!


Monday – ARMS
Tuesday – 8K EASY + ARMS
Wednesday – 5K
Thursday – 8K
Saturday – ABS + ROLLING
Sunday –

Needing some motivation to stop skipping runs, I signed up for the half marathon distance for Run Ajax.

I ran 16K on Sunday so Monday was definitely run free for me so I hit the gym and worked on figuring out what my arm routine would be. I think I have it down but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be put into my routine.


Tuesday I was back to running. I did 8K in the morning before heading into work and then back to the gym afterwards to work on my arms again.

Late night grind. Arms day after work (and 8K in the morning). #SweatBetter

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Wednesday I was supposed to do 2K warm up, 6 minutes at 5:35 pace, and 2K cool down. Instead my legs went a little crazy and went out at 5:09. Oops!

Thursday I headed back out for an easy 8K. Near the end of the 8K, my shins were a little iffy. So when Friday rolled around, my leg was telling me no when I tried to head out for a run. Instead, after work, I went to gym to cycle and worked on legs/glutes.

Monday on the Run June 6-11

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 9.36.08 PM

After my shins not being happy on Friday’s attempted run, I spent Saturday resting all morning before spending a quick 30 minutes on core work before foam rolling out knots.

Then I woke up on Sunday with what I assume to be a throat infection and oh my goodness, my throat was on fire. My 10K run was pretty difficult as I had trouble breathing because inhaling and swallowing hurt but I pushed through and got to enjoy some trails. On the bright side, my throat being in pain meant that I could indulge on ice cream! Got myself a Caramel Rolo container of ice cream and dug in!


So how was your week? Anything you’re training for?

<3 Carmy
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18 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #44

  1. Always enjoy reading weekly training recaps! I signed up for my second marathon in October, so that is certainly going to be motivation to get my butt in gear and start following a training plan again! Haha.

  2. Sorry to hear about your sore throat, that’s the worst! Nice job on your runs and signing up for a half marathon! I am getting back to training mode but my calves/shins aren’t happy so I’m trying to give them as much TLC as possible.

  3. I forgot for a moment that we are speaking in kilometers, so when I saw your pace I thought Holy Cow! Great training week (even if you weren’t doing 5 minute miles 🙂

  4. Ugh. A sore throat would be a real downer. Not sure how much I actually swallow while running, but it seems when I”m trying to avoid doing something, my body NEEDS to do it all that much more. Hope you’re feeling better!

  5. Wow — I can only dream of that pace. Sore throats are the worst. You can’t help but swallow even more than you usually would. I hope yours is much better by now. How exciting racing season is coming up for you. Ours is over in the south. I have a long, hot summer of training for Chicago ahead of me. Thanks for linking with us Carmy!

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