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Monday on the Run #45


Monday – ARMS
Tuesday – 7K EASY + ARMS
Wednesday – REST
Friday – 6K
Saturday – ABS + ROLLING
Sunday – 8-9K

As I mentioned in last week’s Monday on the Run, I woke up on Sunday with a throat infection and by Monday, a cold was thrown into the mix. This really messed up this week’s training plan.

Monday I had tried to sweat out my cold by hitting the gym. I was so exhausted but I was determined to do a gym session. I did my usual arm routine and had to go heavier than usual. There was one 7lb dumbbell and one 10lb dumbbell available – so I had to use the set of 12lbs so I could have two. My arms ended up being sore for three days!


Tuesday I slowly managed to get 7K out of me instead of the planned 8K. It was exhausting but I had finished it. Luckily, I had Ro with me for a bit so I had an excuse to go slow.


At this point, I didn’t think my plan of sweating out my cold was working so I called it quits. It was perfect timing since Wednesday was my convocation so all day I was occupied with convocation related events that it was a good day for a “rest” day.


On Thursday, my cold really got to me. After spending the day before being patient zero in the group of graduates, I was so tired I couldn’t muster up the energy to run so I just sat on the bike gently peddled. Then I wandered over to the weights and did some physio maintenance for my legs before calling it quits and went home.

Friday was an easy run for me – trying to get my stride back as I started to feel better. I ended up doing 6K easy instead of 6K with track intervals. I managed to finish it but had to take coughing breaks. I did almost have a heart attack as while I was alone in an isolated trail, I heard this loud noise and turns out it was ducks LEAPING LOUDLY into the water and splashing around. I totally thought it was a serial killer who accidentally gave away his location! I had let our a shriek before I figured out where the noise was coming from.

Then my oh my Sunday… it was so hot and I was SO tired that I ended up doing 8-9K instead of 12K. Not only was my run shorten, I had walked a lot of the run. It was rough and I was a overheated mess! I ended up heading home via walking. Overall, it wasn’t the most ideal week for me and I’m hoping it gets better today!

So how was your week? Anything you’re training for?

<3 Carmy
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21 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #45

  1. Kudos to you for trying to sweat that cold out of you. I often try to do the same until I’m so run down that I can barely function. I don’t know if trying to sweat it out works, but I’d like to at least think it keeps me from getting even sicker, or the cold dragging on even longer.

  2. You know, sometimes it pays to take a few days off. You end up getting better faster. Speaks the voice of experience, having tried to “run off” illness many times over the years. :-). Hope you’re feeling better. Congratulations on your graduation!

  3. I had a cold a few months ago, and it took forever before I was able to run without gasping for air. My energy was at ZERO and my body was just too exhausted….and my lungs were a mess from all the gunk from my sinuses.

  4. Summer colds are the worst. I hope you’re feeling better. And congratulations on your convocation!

    I’m currently sliding into training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half. I have a long way to go and I just want to take it easy.

  5. Congrats on graduation! That’s exciting! I’ve tried to do the sweat-it-out thing with colds. Sometimes it works, sometimes it just ends up being one of my questionable ideas. Overheating is rough, too. I’ve had that happen here in Charleston and I’ve ended up doing run/walks because I just couldn’t stand it. Hope next week is better for you!

  6. Having a cold sucks! You did more than I would when that’s all going on! At most I would still play a game of hockey, but no training runs or gym sessions for me!

    My last run through some trails had a heart attack moment where a rabbit darted out in front of me from some bushes. Got my heart rate up for sure haha

    Congrats on your graduation!!

  7. I hate colds, sometimes running helps, sometimes it hurts, Good for you for trying! I had a similar incident on a run where a big splash came, unfortunately here in Florida we were more concerned about alligators than serial killers.

  8. A summertime cold is a cruel trick. That’s a great picture of you at the convocation ceremony. Congratulations. I hope your cold is better and you can get your planned runs in this week. Thanks for linking with us Carmy!

  9. Soreness is getting to be a regular occurrence with me but hey it’s a good sore right! Hate you was sick but sounds like your better now! Summer colds are much worse in my opinion than winter ones! How has time for that?? Thanks for linking up with us!

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