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Monday on the Run #48


Monday – REST
Tuesday – 5K + ARMS + CORE
Wednesday – REST
Thursday – REST
Friday – 9K + ARMS
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 6-9K

I’m starting up my running again and I’ve been feeling pretty good. On Tuesday, I worked a split shifts my long mid break, I hit up GoodLife Fitness and had a full workout. I wanted to see if there was speed left in my legs so I did a fast mile test and it was pretty good. I definitely lost a lot of my endurance on my break but I’m happy I didn’t lose too much speed. I ended up finishing the “easy” 5K in 33 minutes. Not bad! Then I went off to do arms and core.

Despite starting off my week well, I had been picking up extra shifts at work, I had to take the next couple days off running. Kinda sucked but it is what it is. To make up for it, I ended up doing 9K on the treadmill on Friday with quick arms.

Sunday was a weird run for me. I had aimed to do 10K but had to stop and walk because my left hip flexor was off. I know I had run 6K but the rest was a run-walk. For some reason, extending my leg felt off compared to when my leg was lifted. I ended up rolling my hip flexors when I got home and omg did that hurt! Oh and fun note: I saw this black van filled with 6 adorable puppies on my Sunday run but totally realized what a bad idea it would be to approach the van haha.

Anyways, this run wasn’t easy for me – it was 33 degrees out (91.1 for Americans!) and I was so hot and tired. I really wanted to stay home but if I did, I would have missed out on seeing some amazingly dedicated folks. First kilometre, I was like “maybe I should turn back and sit in the freezer” but I saw a man running in shorts over tights and a black long sleeved zip up hoodie (I assume for religious reasons) and I was like if he can run in that, then I can do my run while literally in way less clothes in this heat. Then near the end when I wanted to walk up the hill to go home, I saw an elderly man well past 70 running slowly. Yes, he was running slowly but he was still running. I was determined to make it home at that point because if he is getting out there and doing his run, I have no excuse (other than my weird hip flexor) to not do mine. So major props to those two for inspiring me throughout my run.

So how was your week? Anything you’re training for? What inspired you last week?

<3 Carmy
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18 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #48

  1. I remember running in TO in the August heat and humidity! I hated every minute of it. But not as much as treadmill running… hahaha. Good for you to be getting it done!

  2. The weather sure was hot this last week in Nova Scotia too! We are getting a slight break today but I’ll take what we can get. I didn’t get all my running in last week but still really happy with my long run on the weekend. I’m training for Maritime Race Weekend – 6 weeks to go!

  3. It’s been so hot everywhere this summer! At least where I live we expect it and really adapt. Plus we have air conditioning everywhere. So nice job. It is inspiring to see other runners toughing it out, especially when they’re older or have other challenges.

  4. That van of puppies totally could have had me! I love puppies!

    The hip flexor is a tricky little beast. I hope it’s feeling better after that rolling session!

    Ironically, when I was out on my miserable long run in 90+ degrees this weekend, I saw a guy in a sweatshirt and long pants, chugging along! I’m pretty sure he was trying to make weight for something, but I wanted to pass right out looking at him. Too hot for that nonsense.

  5. Virginia has just been gross lately. The humidity was so high this past weekend that it felt like I was trying to breathe soup. Ugh.

    Hope your hip flexor starts behaving! I’m having issues with my achilles that I’m hoping to keep at bay with some rolling.

  6. I just cannot run in heat like that. I have to say though that I surprised myself with 13 miles this past weekend which is about 7 more than I have logged in a very long time!

  7. Great job on your run in the hot temp! I live in Florida and most of my runs are like that, I just push through it. My paces suffer but I know it will make me that much stronger in the fall.

  8. What great motivation by seeing the man in full attire out running. Funny how we find that extra umph to keep us going isn’t it? Thanks Carmy for linking up with us!

  9. Great examples of finding inspiration. Years ago, I ran at the Y on my lunch break. There was a man who would come run for an hour in what I thought was a heat suit — designed to purposely make you sweat more! And that sweat would just being flying off of him! I was always impressed. I had to have the fans blowing right on me! Thanks for linking, Carmy!

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