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Monday on the Run #49


Monday – REST
Tuesday – REST
Wednesday – 6K+ & CORE
Thursday – PILATES
Friday – REST
Saturday – 5K
Sunday – 10K

A belated Monday on the Run to fit my belated start of the week. On Tuesday I was due for 6K but you know what I did instead? I spent 3 hours standing in line at the passport office. 3 hours. They didn’t have enough chairs because we were definitely over the room capacity of 84! Right after, I went to work where I spent another 4 hours on my feet so by the end of that – I was done. I fell right asleep.

Wednesday was pretty great – I nailed my work out (3K warm up, 6×90 seconds at 7.6-7.9 on the treadmill, and 3K cool down) on the treadmill because it was almost 40 degrees outside! That’s 104 for the American readers. I walked outside and thought I was going to die.

Thursday Allison and I hit up Studio Lagree for a pilates class. It was kinda really intense. For this class, we did a lot of moves that were similar to what I do for physio but cranked up to 100000! My butt cheek was twitching by the end of it.




Friday I could barely move. My whole body was sore. My arms were sore from using the resistance bands, my core was sore (it hurt to cough!) from doing all the core work, and my glutes still was twitching from the isolations we did. Needless to say, I took a rest day. Taking the rest day was pretty hard actually as I was SO overwhelmed by the Olympics 10 000 Women’s race. It was everything I feel like the Olympics embodies. It was a gutsy, balls out, all out race to the end.  It wasn’t the usual “tuck behind and wait to make your move” type of race. It was mesmerizing and breathtaking! I totally wanted to get out there in the 100 degrees heat and run too! But sadly, my whole body was done.

Saturday I had a fun little 5K run at the Polar x Sport Chek event at the new Sherway Gardens location. We had the Polar M400 (my short review here and you can check out/buy the M400 here) with HR monitor for runners to test out and we had a blast. It was a hot day but running with others really helped get me through it.


Sunday I was tempted to skip my run. I woke up early to watch the Olympic’s women’s marathon and was so tired from it that I seriously felt like I needed a nap! Watching them run the marathon was so inspiring and tiring! It felt like I ran a marathon. I had the same tensed leg feeling while watching the women’s 10000 and the men’s 100. Seriously – can I add this to my weekly mileage? Anyways, not including the marathon and 100m that I watched, I solo-ed 10K on the treadmill while watching the Food Network.

Anyways, this week has been SO hot – it made me realize that my hydration game has been off lately. Starting today, I’m going to start prepping my Try it Tuesday post next week for a week of hydration! I’m hoping I’ll feel less sluggish and more hydrated by next week. Anyone want to join me?

So how was your week? Anything you’re training for?

<3 Carmy
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17 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #49

  1. I can so relate the my entire body was sore! Yup been there very recently too!
    That’s really cool Polar had HR monitors to try out! Thanks Carmy for joining us for the Weekly Wrap!

    • my feet were so sore from standing! Of course we would have been out in 2 hours if my BF didn’t fill out his forms after I pre-filled mine and handed them in complete haha.

  2. My half-marathon training is starting soon! I’d love to incorporate some Pilates into my routine as well – but where is all that time in a day?

  3. I haven’t done much pilates but what I have done, I’ve really enjoyed! I need some extra hydration in my life too… it’s been pretty bad lately, you know it’s bad when you can “feel” it haha

  4. YIKES! Sorry about your crazy start of the week. Jeally that you are getting in a pilates session but thankful for the nudge since I will squeeze a pilates class in next week!

  5. I just can’t believe you had to stand for 3 hours. It’s really terrible! I was wondering from the start why you rested so much, and when read that I understood.You did well the other days. Wish you always happy!

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