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Monday on the Run #51


Monday – 5.75K
Tuesday – 6K
Wednesday – REST
Thursday – INTERVALS
Friday – REST
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 10K

First, thanks for all the messages and comments with advice/experiences last week! They were really helpful and I know have a list of questions for the doctor! You’re all the best! Now onto the workouts:

Monday I tried to make up for missing my Sunday run by doing an easy 5.75K on my rest day. It felt okay but I definitely felt all the junk food I had been eating! Oops!

Tuesday was back to basics with an easy 6K run. Nice and slow.

Wednesday I went with a rest day because after 8 hours on my feet at work, I was just done. It’s also a workout in itself doing a “spa day” program for a bunch of little girls! So many tiny nails to paint. So many little gem stones to put on their nails. It was adorable.

Thursday I was back with an interval session. Easy 2K warm up, 3x1K @ 5:10, 5:10, 5:08, and then a 2K cool down. Yep, definitely feeling slower than a couple weeks ago! Gotta get back on that horse and stop skipping runs.

After Friday’s rest day, I was supposed to run 10K with Allison then go to Mud Hero but I had trouble sleeping all night and felt super sick. So I called it off (by sending her a hourly update till she woke up about how miserable I felt lol) and spent the day feeling sorry for myself.

On Sunday (after 10 hours of sleep!), my friend Jen and I spent the day testing out some sweat proof hairstyles. After a long day doing that, I ended up doing my run around 11PM with the bun that I had left on my head from her place at 4:30. This bun must seriously be magically (or it was the new Goody hair ties we were testing). Seriously – other than a few loose strands, it looked practically the same.


Anyways, this upcoming week’s runs will be interesting. I’m heading to NYC for the long weekend and who knows what I’ll be up to!

So how was your week? Anything you’re training for? Any NYC recs?

<3 Carmy
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23 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #51

  1. I am impressed you made it out at 11 pm for a run! I’d be long asleep! Haha. Have a fantastic time in NYC, I haven’t been there in years but there are so many yummy places to eat there that I always see on Instagram! Are you going to try out any of the crazy fitness classes they have there?

  2. I’ve never been to NYC but hope you have fun! Congrats for being strong and pushing through the week. And even though you had to miss the run, you took care of yourself and that’s important!

  3. An 11 pm run, I think the latest I’ve done was 9:45 but it’s worth it! Not much running going on over here which is starting to be a bummer. My training has taken a back seat to this injury so I’m unsure how my half will go in September.

  4. Haha, nice to find a hairstyle that is run proof! 🙂

    Sounds like a great workout week. Intervals have been the thing that I missed out in my recent training. Love them/hate them but they do so much good!

  5. Great braid bun! I did an upside-down braid (starting at the nape and moving toward the forehead) and then clipped in a bun today. Gotta keep my hair away from the grubby paws of my baby. Lol.

    • We tried to do the upside down braid bun! But it was the last one and we got too tired from attempting. It looks so pretty but we couldn’t master it!

  6. I have done a few late night runs…two of them were overnight ultras that started at 11:00 and midnight LOL Another run was a “full moon” run some friends and I did earlier in the summer…it is so peaceful and bright under a full moon!

  7. Love NYC! So jealous you are going!

    I am training for RNR Philadelphia Half in a few weeks. I”m a little nervous – i haven’t done a half since February, but excited too.

  8. I consider NYC my second home, and wish I could go this weekend! I think you should try to get a short run in along the Brooklyn Promenade. It’s one of my favorite views of the city! Safe travels!

  9. I like the bun. It did hold up very well. I’ve always worn my short ponytail. How on earth did you ever go to sleep after running at 11 pm? NYC is so much fun. I’ve visited twice and would love to go back again. Thanks for linking, Carmy!

  10. I am a bit out of order and behind on my blog reading but hey, I’m here, lol. Wow I’m so impressed on your late night run! Also thought your post on the different hair sytles for active life was great! Thanks for linking up with us!

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