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Monday on the Run #52


Monday – REST
Tuesday – REST
Wednesday – 3K
Thursday – REST
Friday – REST
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 10K

Last week was the best plan following ever! Just kidding. If Michelle would probably give me an F on my ability to follow her plan last week.

I clearly took a lot of rest days according to what I wrote up there but on Thursday, we drove over 8 hours to New York. We spent from Thursday to Sunday in New York and while there, we took over 100000 steps! And that’s with two days of driving for over 8 hours! The girls and I had walked everywhere and while I loved that we were able to see so much of the city on foot, I’m also so excited to be home again where I can bug H to give me a ride to places I want to go to!

Anyways, I personally needed that break. I know I’ve been taking a ton of breaks recently but over our road trip, we (Coach Michelle, Runners Cathy and Allison) had a million chats and I’ve decided that for RunAjax, I’ll be dropping down to the 5K distance. I’m definitely not in a PB shape at the moment but for the next 3 weeks, I’ll be changing my workouts to focus on the 5K. Usually, I don’t enjoy 5K because they are literally just 5K of pain and holding onto a pace for dear life, but I feel like it would be a great change of pace. I’ve been cutting down on my mileage and right now, my schedule really is not as stable as I’d like it to be so I had difficulties getting in my long runs and interval training.

Hopefully this post actually made sense. I just woke up after getting in at 1:30AM from NYC and I’m totally feeling burnt out right now. Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!

So how was your week? Anything you’re training for? Have you changed race distances last minute?

<3 Carmy
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16 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #52

  1. I think you made a wise choice. having done so many races of longer distances, I sometimes discount the “short 5K” as being a simple race. WRONG! It’s short, but also much faster… and that brings about a new set of exciting challenges to conquer. Good luck!

  2. We had a similar week with lots of rest days 🙁 I did not log 100000 steps over the weekend, that’s for sure. You should totally count those steps as a workout!
    I’m just about to change my distance at Maritime Race Weekend from half marathon to 10k or 5k, I haven’t decided yet and am waiting as long as I can to change the distance.

  3. That’s a lot of hours in the car and a lot of walking – pretty good balance I guess! I love walking everywhere in NYC because I hate taking cabs, but it can be exhausting!

  4. So glad you had fun in NY! It’s my favorite!

    I’ve dropped down distances twice. Sometimes, you just have to do it. I wasn’t happy about it, but it was the right call.

  5. This looks like a great week to me! I love to run, but hate it at the same time. Very bittersweet for me – glad you were able to get some activity in, even if this isn’t your normal routine!

  6. I think 5ks are the hardest distance of all! They deserve all the respect in the world! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your well deserved break and had fun in NYC. Wow! That is a lot of steps. Thanks for linking, Carmy!

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