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Monday on the Run #53


Monday – REST
Tuesday – 7K
Wednesday – 6K
Thursday – 6K
Friday – 5K + 1K walk
Saturday – REST
Sunday – REST

Can we just say thank goodness for GoodLife Fitness? Last week’s weather was just so awful! Someone tell summer that it’s time to take a step back!

Monday was a rest day as I recovered from New York. I slept a lot and laid around in bed a lot and that was pretty awesome. Oh and I also got to eat this mountain of mango, toast, cream, and ice cream. What better way to kick off the week?


Tuesday was the start of my super fun 5K training. It was so hot and icky outside, I went for the treadmill option at GoodLife Fitness. I did a 2K warm up, 5 x 1K repeats at 5:20, 5:20, 5:20, 5:20, and 5:10 before finishing a 2K cool down on the spin bike. I had wanted to finish off with some weights but while on the spin bike, I saw an article on my phone about one of my favourite children’ author Anna Dewdney (of the Llama Llama series) had passed away. I started crying on the spin bike and then demanded that “I want to go home now” to H who was finishing his ab work. It is really unfortunate to lose someone so young but it really serves as a reminder to me to try to live everyday to its fullest because you just never know sometimes.

Wednesday was supposed to be an easy 6K but it was sooooo humid out between rainstorms that you could practically cut it with a knife. I had trouble breathing as I was taking shallow breathes and couldn’t seem to get much air in. However, I saw a man in a hoodie run by. How? It was like 100 degrees out there.

Still hot on Thursday, I took my run back into GoodLife Fitness! I would have rather done it at a track but finished work at 8:30PM and it was hot again. That meant 2K warm up, 10 x 200m repeats, and 2K cool down indoors.


Friday was a treat! I was invited to Vega’s Wake Up, Shake Up event and we started off the morning with yoga and then this crossfitish/interval training workout. Prepare for some photos! I had a blast working out even though I woke up at 5AM. 5!! Haha, this night owl needed coffee. Afterwards, I dragged my tired butt out to try to do 6K. I ended up taking a 1K break in the middle to walk as my legs were tired from the earlier workout.








Saturday/Sunday ended up being rest days (kinda). We were attending a very important wedding soooooo I was too exhausted to sneak a run in. Also, my feet were KILLING me from the heels! My calves were done too! But one of the things I learned over the years is figuring out what can be sacrificed and what cannot be. While some social events I’m okay with skipping out on to do my workouts, this one definitely was not.

So how was your week? How is the weather where you are? Who’s ready for fall?!

<3 Carmy
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28 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #53

  1. Not to sound like everyone else, but the Vega event sounds like so much fun! And yes, sometimes life events mess with our training. But think about it this way. In 10 or 20 years, will you look back and regret the training or savor the life experience?

  2. I love the t-shirt from the Vega event! I feel like I have to wear pumps for work, but I look for the lowest heels I can find. My colleagues where fancy, spiky heels but I just can’t!

  3. I love events like this – looks like you had a fabulous time!

    It was so sad to hear of the passing. Life is too short and fragile, and you’re right: we do have to make the most of it.

  4. Oh where do I start…. umm first wish I would have known you were going to the Vega Shake Up I would have had you give my favorite boy Trevor and some of my other fav Vega peeps a hug from me. Ok now back to that mountain of cream, ice cream, mango, toast… umm that needs to be recreated!!

  5. This looks like it was a lot of fun! How great that you were able to take part of it. And oh my!! That pic at the beginning.. that’s almost too beautiful to eat!

  6. Oh wow what a fun event! I would love this! I am so ready for the fall and this summer I’ve wore less heeled wedges with my comfy summer dresses to work and replaced them with dressy flip flops. I’m afraid getting use to heels again will be a challenge!

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