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Monday on the Run #57


Monday – 35 MINS RUN
Wednesday – 28 MINS RUN
Thursday – REST
Friday -30 MINS RUN
Sunday – 60 MINS HOT YOGA

Week one of 2017 and I feel pretty proud of myself for being on track with working out! It was a hectic week but I did it!

Monday I was not able to sleep so while tossing and turning at 6AM, I thought “why not?” and just went out to do a short run. At first, I had wanted to do it in the evening after work at the gym but since I was awake, I thought I’d just get it over with. Excited that I got it over with, I headed out to work and little did I know….I had mistaken Monday for Tuesday so work was actually closed. Oops! Well at least I got my run done early haha. I ended up buying groceries and making these crunchy nacho burrito taco cups with my “spare” time.

Crunchy Nacho Burrito Cups

Tuesday after work, I went home to use my mini bands to strengthening. Lots of legs and glute work with the mini bands such as single leg deadlifts, standing kickbacks, side shuffles, etc.

Wednesday and Friday, I braved the cold and got in a short little run. Again, I’m more focused on time on my feet than zoning in on a distance at the moment.

Saturday I made my way to GoodLife Fitness only to realized I had forgot my shoes. Definitely not the first time I’ve forgotten my shoes… winter struggles! Left with my boots on and just didn’t grab my runners on my way out! Still got my workout in though! #CantStopWontStop 😉

And finally, Sunday, it was around -16C (3F) so I opted for hot yoga! For a few minutes, it felt like laying in the warm sun on the beach but it quickly turned into my sweating like mad as my heart rate went over 150, trying to reach my toes. It wasn’t easy but I needed it. My body’s been so stiff and knotted up recently that right after the yoga session, I hopped into the bath tub at home and had a slice of cake ;).

So how was your week? How is the weather where you are? 

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16 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #57

  1. Sounds like a great week. I’ve never tried hot yoga. I’m not sure it would be so good for me since I have hypermobility. But it sounds amazing and I’ve always wanted to try it.

  2. Congrats on a great training week Carmy! You had me laugh a bit when I read that you confused the days about work. I need to attend a hot Yoga class as well! So good during this season!

  3. Awesome job on all of your runs and workouts! -16 is cold!! I’ve never tried Hot Yoga but would like to! The weather has been up and down since the New Year in Mississippi. We’ve had humidy, fog, cold temps, rain and cold, and freezing temps!

  4. I have never tried hot yoga…am a little afraid of it LOL I have a difficult time “focusing on the moment” in regular yoga, I think if I was hot and uncomfortable, my mind would be counting down the minutes to class being done. UGH.

  5. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you forgot you didn’t have work!

    Those taco cups look amazing! I need to make those!

    You had a great week! I like how you aren’t worried too much about distance right now.

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