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Monday on the Run #60


Monday – REST
Tuesday – REST
Wednesday – 4K
Thursday – REST
Friday – 6K
Sunday – SPIN

Okay, can this even be Monday on the Run if I’m barely running? This week has been a rough week for me (thank you friends for pointing over the addition of undereye circles! hahaha) so my workouts reflected that.

On Wednesday, I had my first run after another week’s worth of rest from running (my shin is a bit iffy but I think it’s just nothing. But I’m going to forever be paranoid thanks to my history with injuries). I went out on an easy 4K which wasn’t hard but wasn’t exactly easy.

Luckily, by the time Friday rolled around, I had time to go out for an easy 6K run (a barre event fell through) and it was painfree and relatively easy. There was a bit of snowfall but I was able to get myself to a trail. I’m not sure if it was the change in scenery or the break from the pavement but I was painfree and happy!

To build off Friday, I did my physio on Saturday. Strengthening my legs with a focus on my ankle area and calves. I also binge watched Santa Clarita Diet and guys, I finished 10 episodes in one sitting and I practically died of laughter.

Sunday, I spent all morning and afternoon shooting so my time was limited. There was a quite a bit of snowfall in the morning and some icy patches on the sidewalks so I didn’t want to risk running in the dark. At first, I wasn’t really feeling a work out at all but at the end of the day, I dragged myself to the gym for a quick short spin. It’s currently not even 10PM and I’m about to lay down and pass out. Here’s to hoping this coming week will be easier!

So how was your week? Did you get all your workouts in?? 

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3 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #60

  1. I’m sorry to hear you had a rough week. I hope your shin is completely healthy soon. As someone who has been injured a few times, I understand wanting to be cautious. In fact I’m not running for a few weeks right now. Only cycling. Thanks for linking, Carmy!

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