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Monday on the Run #65 – Goals Recap + April Goals


Monday – REST
Tuesday – 32 MIN RUN
Wednesday – REST
Thursday – 30 MIN RUN/15 MIN YOGA
Sunday – 58 MIN RUN

I AM SO TIRED THIS WEEK. This is going to be TMI but I got my period and I just did not want to move this week. Literally just wanted to lay in bed eating my pistachio ice cream all week. I did a short run Tuesday but then on Thursday when I woke up, I was like nope, not happening, nada. But I had promised myself that I was going to go run so I dragged my butt out there and very slowly ran 30 minutes. I was beyond slow, took a walking break, but at the end, I did it! Then I did an easy 20 minutes of restorative yoga.

Friday was easily, we took it inside and did some badminton drills for 2hrs15mins and holy moly was I tired. Having H yell “again!” at me while exhausted on the court doing drills was a pretty solid way to spend Friday night.

Saturday HURT so I spent a good hour after being out and about all day to just stretch and foam roll at home. I was so sore that I didn’t even want to run the next day. My butt cheek was dyinnnnng from all the lunging but I dragged myself out for a bit under an hour and kept moving!

Okay now onto my goals!

Monthly Goals with Ange and Carmy

How’d I do last month? I pretty much worked out for 3 hours a week and while I had a few 12hr work days, I managed to take a few days off and just relaxed. I’m pretty happy with how I spent March.

Now onto my April goals:

Run 10K

I need to get my act together for Ragnar! I can’t believe it’s almost race time. I should at least be able to run a continuous 10K by the end of April (hopefully). I’ve been doing easy 30mins/5K runs the last month because I didn’t want to put too much pressure to run again and take the joy away from it. Why run if it’s not fun right?

So how was your week? Did you get all your workouts in?? 

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