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Monday on the Run #67


Monday – 5K
Tuesday – REST
Wednesday – REST
Thursday – REST
Friday – 5K
Saturday – 3K
Sunday – 107 MIN HIKE

Happy Monday! How are you today? This week has been a little insane for with additional work hours but somehow I made it through.

We started with an easy 5K on Monday I got my friend to run her very first 5K in training for the Toronto 10K which gave us a nice start to the week. And by start, I mean I didn’t run for the next 3 days due to work. LOL.

Wednesday, I was going to go on a run but I was so exhausted from my day and then it started raining so I was like nopeeeeee. However, I did spend the morning in Milton checking out the new New Balance Flex Space in Sport Chek (more info to come soon read about it here!) and in my mind, shopping can count as a workout 😉

After shopping, H and I headed over to Starbucks and had the Unicorn Frap because it was their launch day! And boy oh boy were there opinions about it. There was so much food shaming online that day that I was beyond frustrated. I mean why does it matter that the Unicorn Frap has “a lot” of sugar in it? Why does the choice to have the frap even be up for discussion? Yes clean eating it good for you but you know what else is good for you? Having some fun! You know what else has the same amount of calories as a grande frap (size pictured down below)? A bottle of Coca Cola. How many people drink bottles of soda and are not shamed for their choices? Do you know how much sweet tea I had when I was in South Carolina? A LOT. And did anyone give me the side eye for drinking that? No! But the frap? Opinions left and right. Seriously, let everyone live their lives.

The Unicorn Frap was available for 5 days and unless you have an IV of it pumping the frap 24/5 directly into you, having one won’t kill you (unless you have an allergy or maybe a medicine condition barring you from indulging in one). You do you. Life is about enjoying yourself and having fun. As my instructing chef used to say “the leading cause of death is just by being alive” so live life the way you want! I love chips, I love chicken nuggets, and I enjoyed trying out the Unicorn Frap. As someone who has struggled with food (and have cried over the idea of being offered french fries), indulging in food like I am now is a huge step forward and while I am confident enough to tell shamers to shove it, others may not be and shaming them for potentially stepping out of their comfort zone is not your place. Whew, that was nice to get off my chest. Did that make any else? That was a pretty much a stream of consciousness paragraph that I have no intention of editing as those are my thoughts and I stand by it 🙂 I believe in eating whatever your heart desires as long as it is in moderation and that’s pretty much the theme of recipes that I share here!

Obviously I had to try the #UnicornFrappuccino 😂

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Thursday, my bestie was in town so instead of running after my 9-5, we went out and ate a ton of food and drank a lot of wine. #sorrynotsorry.

Friday, I dragged myself out for easy 5K to see if I was able to move after my week of eats and I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get through the 5K at all LOL. This week, weather wise, had been a bit unstable so I pretty much went from running in shorts and a teeshirt to running in a long sleeve and leggings!

If you were following along on IG stories, on Saturday, you would have seen that I spent the morning helping Connie in the kitchen. We made chili, noodles, cake, and for her work week, a chicken meal prep! Clearly we didn’t have a theme but hey, everything was delicious and it was fun! And by fun I mean super tiring being right after, I had sushi and fell into a food coma for 2 hours and woke up at 8PM to go run.

On Sunday, Connie, Lisa, Vicky, and I made the trek down to Niagara for a morning of hiking! I woke up at like 6AM! We had a blast before leaving once the sun was too strong and headed over the border to visit the Cheesecake Factory (more on the hiking adventure coming soon!).

So how was your week? Did you get all your workouts in? Did you have a Unicorn Frappuccino? 

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12 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #67

  1. I personally thought the flap about the unicorn was silly. Everyone knows it is a dessert same as if you ate an ice cream sundae or whatever. People need something to be up in arms about. I did not have one bc honestly it did not look appealing to me. Looks like a pretty good week for you!

  2. It looks like you had a good week!
    Yes, I got in all my workouts! And even a few more with a cool showcase of classes at my gym 🙂

    I didn’t try the frap as they tend to make me not feel well with all the dairy, but they sure were pretty 🙂

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