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Monday on the Run #68 Road to Ragnar w/Reebok


*This post is sponsored by Reebok Canada*

Monday – 5K
Tuesday – REST
Wednesday – REST
Thursday – 9.8K
Friday – 4K + 4K
Sunday – 4.5K + 30 MIN YOGA

This was a pretty intense week for me. I felt exhausted, my hip flexors were tight, I was waking up early everyday and passing out around 10PM every night, and my diet was all over the place. Can I blame my period? I think I’ll blame my period.

Anyways, Monday I had spent most of the morning hanging out at the Reebok HQ with my Ragnar pals to learn about their brand, Ragnar, how they fit together, and figure out how relay game plan. When I got home I wanted to test out the new gear I got so I went out for a 5K.

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Tuesday I spent the morning with Quaker learning about overnight Oats and went to work right afterwards before H surprised me with tickets to Fast and Furious so no run for me! (Confession: I was so exhausted I fell asleep near the end of the movie! But I woke up for the ending haha.)

Thursday, I participated in an Amazing Race styled challenge downtown and ended up spending almost 3 hour running around the city! It was super fun and it was a good practice for Ragnar (map reading ahaha). More on this later!

Friday I thought I’d take it easy but that did not go as planned! I had asked my friend if she wanted to run and she wasn’t sure so I went on my own for 4K and right as I got home, I got a message asking if I wanted to run! Of course I couldn’t say no LOL and it’s pretty much what Ragnar would be like since it’s a relay so out the door I went! I’m so ready for Ragnar 😉

By Saturday, my hip flexors were practically screaming at me (we tried to get a Wednesday massage session but our usual places were all booked up) so I was pretty looking forward to yoga. LITTLE DID I KNOW. My friend and I were running late so the hot yoga class we wanted to take had already started so we went to the other yoga place I usually go to since they had a class starting around the time we were free. It was classed Inferno Pilates. Okay. I was like give the class a try before you write it off but just the words inferno was setting off little alarm bells in my head LOL. We did a lot of core work and near the end, we did burpees. The instructor didn’t call it burpees but it was burpees. I was low key dying in the corner but I made it through!

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Sunday was another early day for me! My Ragnar pals and I were at Running Room Rosedale (one of the locations where you can pick up the Floatrides. Can’t make it to an RR? You can also get the shoes on for $180) for an easy run and to give a mini talk about Reebok, Ragnar, and the Floatrides. Our theme was “better together” so what else goes together than cookies and milk?! After our run, we set up a little snack station for the other runners!

As you can see, the cookies were quite popular haha. I mean who could say no to cookies post run?! 😉 Couldn’t make Sunday’s run? Come to our next one! Details down below:

And finallllllly I got to have a relaxing yoga session! After the run, I had a bath, and ended off the afternoon with a 30 minute yin yoga session at home. My hip flexors are definitely a lot happier now!

So how was your week? Did you get all your workouts in? 

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16 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #68 Road to Ragnar w/Reebok

  1. My week sounded very similar to yours! I felt like I was all over the place as well with my appetite, schedule, but my week of runs was intense too. Love that all those cookies were just about eaten! 🙂

  2. I would love to do an Amazing Race type of event! I love that show. My hips flexors get cranky sometimes too. Not fun! Thanks for linking, Carmy!

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