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Monday on the Run #70 Road to Ragnar w/Reebok


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Monday – 5K
Tuesday – 3.9K
Wednesday – 5.57K
Thursday – YOGA
Friday – YOGA
Saturday – 1K
Sunday – 5K

It’s the final stretch. This week was more about grounding for me than it was about running. I struggled a bit coming back from my trip to Niagara. It was difficult to get back into running after a weekend of indulging in food, wine, and fun! So I’ve decided to take the week to reflect.

My first item on the list was my diet. After indulging for the weekend, I’m pulling back. I’ve been watching my sugar intake, and even downloaded myfitnesspal again but quickly regretted that decision. Within the 2 days I had it, the obsessive tendencies of tracking my calories and workouts came back in full swing. It was honestly a bit scary how easy it was for me to slip back into that role – “well if I eat this at 200 calories, I need to run ___ to make up for that and then some.” I immediately took a step back after my anxiety levels spiked when I couldn’t figure out what the caloric content of a Japanese snack was. I’m currently back at taking baby steps with watching what I eat with lowering my sugar consumption, only eating when I’m hungry, reaching for whole foods such as dates when I’m craving something sweet, and cutting out 90% of my weekly takeout. And you know, cutting down my ice cream consumption to once every few days and not 3 days back to back (LOL, to be fair, my gelato addiction was the hardest to break to going from almost daily to every few days is huge).


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The second item on my list was pretty much slowing down my daily routine. I’ve felt like I’ve been in a constant sense of rush lately. I’ve been trying to get way too much done at the same time. I’d be on my phone doing one thing while on a meal break from doing something else. I just needed to slow down and get off my phone and laptop a bit. Last week I took two one hour blocks for me, myself, and I. I unplugged for the hour and spent it doing yoga. I then kept my phone off the the hour after too just to continue that feeling of peace. I also started taking evening walks. My friend and I started doing short 4K walks (without having my phone in my face!) and it felt really nice to be able to just step away from work for a while and just chat while walking.

The third thing wasn’t really grounded but it was more of a confidence booster. I had spent the last yearbeing super wishy washy with my running. No speed work, no long distances, and pretty much doing whatever I felt that day. I have gained weight, I’ve gotten a lot slower, and my ability to bang out 20k continuously disappeared. It’s a bit concerning when the Ragnar Relay is in less than 5 days so on Sunday, I decided to see what my legs were capable of. During our group run out in Ajax, Allison’s daughter and I went out for the kids’ 1k and she wanted to run it fast so I tagged along and we knocked out a 5:36 1k which is pretty much the fastest 1k I’ve done in…. a year? She was the sweetest – we had some small chit chat during it (her: so how far is 1k? me, completely in a serious tone: 100m 100 times. her: ?!?!?!?!  hahahahaha I gave her the real breakdown after of course LOL).

I wore my Reebok Floatrides (Available at Running Room. Can’t make it to an RR? You can also get the shoes on for $180) and I officially think I found a pair of running shoes that I can run in completely sockless! I’ve done my last few runs in these without socks and it’s a cozy fit!

Well, that’s my week! Now it’s time to do our countdown. We’ll be decorating our vans Thursdays and Friday morning, I’ll be kicking off the first leg in our relay!

So how was your week? Did you get all your workouts in? 

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14 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #70 Road to Ragnar w/Reebok

  1. I missed a few workouts this past week with traveling, but I expected that to happen. I’m with you on the whole ‘feeling rushed’ thing. The past few weeks have just felt crazy. I need to take a step back and slow down a little.

  2. Aw. Sounds like you have really re-centered yourself so to speak. I’ve been trying to do that more lately too. Exercising in the morning for me is such a chore – though I know I need to do it more.
    So glad to see you back running and enjoying it.

  3. That gelato looks delicious! I tend to be obsessive as well, so yeah…it’s probably not a good idea to track my food. Great job on the 1k time! Ragnar is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to see the van decorations and hear all the details. Thanks for linking, Carmy!

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