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Monday on the Run #71


Monday – REST
Tuesday – REST
Wednesday – YOGA + 5.47K
Thursday – REST
Friday – REST
Saturday – 4K + YOGA
Sunday – REST

This was not a workout heavy week for me. However, it was one of those weeks where things just didn’t want to work. I was restless, had trouble sleeping (since the Toronto Waterfront 10K, my sleep schedule has been thrown off), and was just overall tired.

Wednesday I went to yoga hoping to find some peace but couldn’t. My period came 8 minutes before class at the studio and I just couldn’t get my head in the right space. Near the end, I thought I was getting my vibe but then the girls beside me spoke during savasana and I ended up leaving in a sour mood. The day did improve later on though as my friend and I ended up going on a run in the evening.

Because of the core + yin class on Wednesday, my core was mostly sore for the next few days. Running on Saturday made my core ache! Friday night/Saturday morning, I was unable to fall asleep so I ended up going for a run at 3:30AM. I ended up deciding on pulling an all nighter in hopes that I’d be able to sleep early Saturday night (no luck, slept at 1:30AM). So I laid in bed until 8AM when I left for yoga. I decided to try a new studio that day because I saw that they offered a yoga class for athletes that focused on deep stretching. I was pretty excited but the class turned out to be a flop for me. There was too much chatter before class, during class, and during savasana again. The class didn’t flow right, she talked too much for my liking, there were interruptions, and it just overall didn’t work for me. I’m trying to find a studio that’s closer to me and it’s proving to be a bit difficult.

Trying to find my *forever* yoga studio in Toronto. Another “miss” for today’s location. On to the next one.

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Overall, last week wasn’t my best week and I don’t really have much to say about it. It was just blah and I as much as I’d like for this post to be more positive, I just can’t. Here’s to hoping next week is better!

Let’s chat! How was your week?  

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