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Monday on the Run #72


Monday – YOGA
Tuesday – 3.15K
Wednesday – 5K
Thursday – REST
Friday – REST
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 7K

This week’s workouts were a lot better than last weeks! On a whim, I went to a yoga studio close to my new work location and took a hatha class and freaking loved it. People were silent/respectful of the peace, the instructor was amazing, and best of all, they started on time and no one came rushing in the second class was over. It was amazing. I’m probably going to go back this coming Monday after work again since it’s just right around the corner.

Tuesday I went out for an easy 3K as H and I compromised on a shorter distance. He was home for the week so I had convinced him to go on a run. I wanted 5K, he wanted 2K so we settled on 3!

Wednesday, I got to check out the new Planet Fitness at Gerrard Square (blog post to come soon) and got a mini workout in before heading out for 5K later that evening.

Thursday to Saturday I was working/enjoying Canada Day and decided to eat my weight in dessert instead of you know, working out. No biggie. 😂

Sunday I was hoping to wake up at 6:30 for my run but what really happened was I slept in til 9:30 because it was Sunday and I really didn’t feel like waking up early haha. Luckily I didn’t procrastinate for long as not too long afterwards, it started pouring rain! Eek. I’m currently in bed typing this as I have to head to a potluck later and I am exhausted because I just prepped a steak that’s waiting to be seared and a butter + parm pasta. My feet are too sore to do much else right now so I’m just going to hang out here until the potluck starts.

So that’s pretty much it. Nothing special and onto the next week! Hoping everyone has a great long/holiday weekend!

Let’s chat! How was your week?  

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