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Monday on the Run #73


Monday – YOGA
Wednesday – 5K/CLIMBING
Thursday – REST
Friday – 5K/PILATES
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 7K

Um, am I finding my groove? I think I am!

Monday I headed back to my new favourite yoga class and fell asleep during shavasana! This week, the class was focused on hip openers which is amazeballs for this tight hipped runner. I’m really starting to look forward to Mondays now as it means I can go to my hatha class!

Tuesday I did way too many push ups and other body weight exercises before heading off to work.

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If you follow me on Instagram, on Wednesday I shared in my stories that I was doing my lactate threshold test that day and I was terrified. For the test, you essentially go balls to the walls as consistently as you can for 30 minutes. I thought I was going to hurl afterwards. I immediately went to lay down on the grass haha. I managed to get 5K in 30 minutes which considering my 5K time for RunAjax was 29ish minutes, I’m pretty impressed with myself! I’ve been barely running so I was not expecting 5K in 30. Afterwards I went to Rock Oasis with my friend and we spent the evening climbing up and down walls.

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Friday I was pretty tired but I dragged myself out for 5K before heading down to MuseMovement on Shaw St and took a pilates/ stretch and strengthen class with Leslie. It was quite an interesting class as we combined both pilates styled workouts with some yoga styled stretching in between it. It was different but at the same time a nice change of pace. Pilates can be a bit too intense for me sometimes so having the nice moments of stretching in between was great!

Saturday was amazing because I got a deep tissue massage. My shins were extremely tight throughout the week from Wednesday’s lactate threshold test and having every knot and kink worked out of me for an hour and absolute heaven.

And finally, Sunday. Sunday was a bit of a meh run for me. I think I was just tired in general and I was a bit sore and tender from my massage so the 7K was super slow and I just wanted it to be over!

Overall, my week was pretty good. I got to try new things (MuseMovement) and revisit previous activities (bouldering) and fit 3 runs in!

Let’s chat! How was your week? Did you try anything new? 

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