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Monday on the Run #74


Monday – YOGA
Tuesday – REST
Wednesday – 4.3K
Thursday – REST
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 8K/YOGA

This week, I once again started Monday off with a yoga session at my fav studio and class. I’ve found that with scheduling my yoga session on Monday it pretty helps with the less than excited feeling of having to work 9-5 (yes, I know most folks do 9-5 on Mondays but this is my first month of doing it since high school! I miss sleeping in Mondays). I’ve really been enjoying my hatha classes. I find that it’s a bit more difficult for me to do an at home practice so I really appreciate being able to have my Monday evening session. I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting a bit better at “flowing” as I’m having a wee bit more control when going down to Chaturanga and transitioning downward dog. I’m quite excited to continue to improve!

Wednesday I went down to Tribe’s QQ HQ and went on a test run with my New Balance Fuel. You can read a bit about my experience with the shoes on my Five Things Five post. The run wasn’t exactly easy as the humidity was absolutely awful and it felt like I was walking through a steam room. Gross.

Friday was an easy 5K along with some strengthening. I tried to incorporate some yoga in my day too but as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been having difficulties establishing a home practice. If anyone’s got tips, give them to me please!

Sunday was an interesting day. I started it off by begrudgingly waking up at 8AM (despite having worked 9-5 the day before and was out lateish because I was being a responsible adulting and getting icecream uptown…) for my “long” run. I had 8K in the books and I was dreading it. I was so tired and just didn’t want to leave the bed but I knew I had to because I had planned later in the day that needed to happen. I managed to muddle through the 8K with a break or two in there and walked up the last hill because I was just absolutely done. Post-shower, being tired and oxygen deprived, I showed up at my friend’s house 30 minutes early so we grabbed some McDonalds before heading out to the 9th annual Yoga Meltdown. They were starting their all day yoga at 12 so we made our way down right at 12 post chicken nuggets and hashbrowns and set our mats down, hoping for good weather. We participated in their Ashtanga yoga session and well, it was a bit more difficult than I had expected! I was a lot faster than I was used to and it wasn’t exactly beginner friendly despite what the website said. The instructor didn’t have much directional cues but luckily for me, my friend is an yoga instructor so I pretty much just followed everything she did. Half way through, there were some sprinkles but luckily the rain held out  and didn’t down pour on us (same could not be said for later in the day)! It was quite cool doing yoga waterside with a bit of rain – definitely an experience that I haven’t encountered until then! I loved it. Anyways, the rest of the day consist of me eating some Korean food, shaved ice, and walking off the food at a nearby mall (aka shopping). Not a bad way to end off a Sunday! And now it’s time to look forward to my Monday evening yoga! Namaste!


Yoga by the water. Toronto, you sure can be pretty.

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Let’s chat! How was your week? Did you try anything new? Do you have any tips for a home practice?? Share them with me!

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15 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #74

  1. I follow Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube for my at-home practice. Last week had 16 total miles of running, an hour of salsa dancing on Saturday night, and yesterday, I helped my friends load up their moving truck and deep clean the floors of their now-empty house. I’m feeling it in my arm muscles today!!

  2. Oh I LIKE your workout schedule. I might just copy yours, you know 😉 I’m doing home yoga practice but now when I move to new place, I’m planning to find a studio. PS I loveeee your running route. I bet it’s just amazing to run by the water.

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