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Monday on the Run #75


Monday – YOGA
Thursday – 5.84K/HP
Saturday – HP
Sunday – 9K/HP

Another Monday, another yoga class. I’m seriously loving these Monday classes – last week, we spent the class working towards dancer pose/natarajasana. This week I somehow managed to balance having a home practice despite my last Monday on the Run post was about me struggling! I’m honestly pretty surprised but I think it might be because I’ve come to love moon salutations so it’s been a lot easier to incorporate into my daily routine (more on “why yoga?” on my last post).

Tuesday, I dragged myself through a hot and humid 6K before work. It wasn’t ideal but I got it done.

Thursday was absolutely AWFUL. Guess who got caught in a thunderstorm…in the trails…then got soaked trying to get home? If you put $5 on me, then ding ding ding, you’re a winner. I was soaked to the core – I had to wring out water from my freaking underwear when I got home. It was insane. I was aiming to do 6K that day but I ended up doing just under 6K as I was just trying to get home as fast as I could. Oh and did I mention I got my period right before my run too? That was a great day huh.

Saturday I managed to sneak in some quick sun salutations before essentially getting my daily mileage in thanks to hosting a BBQ. I was sweating from running back and forth from the house to the backyard! For some behind the scenes footage, check out my vlog down below!

Sunday I got to eat my words. In the post linked above (Five Things Friday: Why Yoga?), I mentioned not wanting to watch Spiderman Homecoming. So of course, I ended up watching it LOL. I surprisingly enjoyed it! Because I was in a BBQ coma until around noon, watched Spiderman, and had a family dinner, it meant my run got pushed into the evening. Around 10PM, I headed out for my Sunday “long” run (9K) and it felt great! It really reminded me how much I love night running and miss it!


Let’s chat! How was your week? Did you try anything new? 

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