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Monday on the Run #77 – goals, thoughts, etc


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So now that Ragnar Trail Relay‘s over, I’m starting to get back into the groove of things. It’s currently 11:30PM as I’m typing this and I just finished my long run and honestly, I’m feeling good! Over the week (Monday, I could barely get out of bed!), I did a lot of thinking about running. I really miss the high that I get from participating in a race and the camaraderie of training with your friends and seeing each other at the start line. After some pondering, I’ve decided to start training again for a race. Right now, I’ll be base building because it’s too late to start training for a fall race (you know, being Canadian and all means winter racing isn’t something I’m feeling). I have an idea of what I’d like to run and I’ll be spending the upcoming months base building so I can start training seriously again for a goal race.

RACE REPORT: Cottage Country Ragnar Trail Relay Sept 8-9

Over the year, I’ve put on some weight as I’ve stopped crosstraining and training to race. I’m hoping by the end of this training cycle, I’ll drop a couple pounds and I’ll be running more comfortably. It’s a bit of a bummer not being able to fit into 80% of my shorts and running slower than before but I think with enough hard work in the coming year, I’ll hopefully fit into everything again!

RACE REPORT: Cottage Country Ragnar Trail Relay Sept 8-9

Okay so onto last week’s base building. I spent Monday not moving, recovering from Ragnar and Tuesday crawling around my kitchen and under my tripod shooting recipes – does that count as cross training?

Wednesday, I went for my first run post-Ragnar and honestly, I felt quite good. It was an easy 5K and I was quite pleasantly surprised by how easy my body went right back on the train!

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Thursday I spent resting and shooting recipes again (SO exciting right?!) which gave me pretty fresh legs for Friday. I did an easy 7.4K (it was supposed to be 7K but I went a bit too far) and went home to do a short strengthening session. I focused on core and glutes using resistance bands, similar to what I usually do for physio. Then I spent the evening hanging out on my yoga mat.

Saturday was spent eating and Netflixing in bed like an adult. It was a pretty weird realizing Ragnar was a whole week ago! It felt like yesterday and I quite missed my Chek Squad team! Sunday I spent shopping (I didn’t buy a single pair of leggings!) and bought a ton of adult clothes! It was definitely a fun experience going shopping with a bunch of gal pals again. Shopping was actually not a bad way to get some exercise in because in the span of a couple hours, we took more than 15K steps and did “weights” as we lugged around all our bags haha. Afterwards, I went for my 12K long run – at first, I was a bit sore from the shopping but at the half way bought, my legs tried to go for negative splits. I found it amusing how my mind was like “yes, run faster” after deciding on training again.

Whew – what a week huh? I’m looking forward to my next few weeks of running regularly again!

This week I’m participating in #MotivateMe Monday link up hosted by my Chek Squad teammate Salads 4 Lunch and Run Mommy Run.

Let’s chat! How was your week? Did you try anything new? Any goal races? 

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5 thoughts on “Monday on the Run #77 – goals, thoughts, etc

  1. I thought I might use a goal race as a motivation to get into a training routine again. I’m reading ‘Run Less Run Faster’ and I guess I want to finish the book before I consider implementing it. I’ve also let my fitness ADD run wild and started an adult gymnastics class, so that is my ‘new’ and will occupy most of my focus for the time being.

    • I’m ALL about run less run faster! I haven’t read it all but I personally cannot do super high mileage (has my history has told me again and again) so I have to run smart. Adult gymnastics sound SO fun – I’d love to take a class!

  2. Awesome job at Ragnar Trails! Looked like lots of fun!

    After almost a year off from training & racing (due to pregnancy) I’m starting to day dream of competing again. I have 2 goal races in mind for 2018 already!

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