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Monday on the Run #79


Monday – REST
Wednesday – 6K
Friday – 5.41K
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 13K PHYSIO

I cannot believe it is October! For the month of September, I ended up running a total of 90.56K or 56.27 miles. Not bad! That’s around 10K more than the previous month so I’ll call it a win 🙂

My last week of workouts were a solid “okay.” I took a rest day on Monday and had a home practice session on Tuesday instead. I’ve been pretty tired lately and just wanted to go home after work on Monday instead of heading over to yoga.

Wednesday I had an easy 6K. We had a lovely not-so-lovely heat wave in Toronto so I was not feeling my run. Trying to beat the heat, I tried to do my Friday run at 5AM which on one hand, I beat the heat but on the other hand… I was exhausted! I was not feeling it and had to cut it short. It took me longer to do my Friday run than it did Wednesday despite being shorter in distance. Ugh.

Sunday was a fun run for me! It was an easy 13K so I was able to duck into the trails and had fun flying through the mountain biking trails. I had to take a walking break in the middle but I was quite pleased with how it went. The heat wave had finally left so the run felt amazing. My lower half doesn’t seem to like the fact that I’m running more again so this month I’m going to focus on making sure I do all my physio. Hopefully I’m less sore next week.

This week I’m participating in #MotivateMe Monday link up hosted by Salads 4 Lunch and Run Mommy Run.

Let’s chat! How was your week? Did you try anything new? Any goal races? 

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