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Monday on the Run #81 – catching up, weight loss, goals


Monday – REST
Wednesday – REST
Thursday – 9K
Friday – MASSAGE
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 16K

It’s been a while and I’m back with another Monday on the Run. I think it’s been almost a month since I last posted so there’s so much to catch up on. First, I managed to break 100K in total mileage in October so I’m pretty psyched! It’s been a while since I’ve done a 100K month in a while so it was definitely something I’m patting myself on the back on.

Since running consistently, I have definitely lost a wee bit of weight. I’ve been toying with the idea of a goal race for 2018 and to be perfectly honest, my weight needs to go down if I want to hit the paces that I’m hoping to hit. I know it’s a little controversial but going by the last few years, my results are simple. When I weighed less, I ran faster. It is what it is. I’ve talked about my weight gain before and right now, I’m technically “overweight.” I try not to go by my weight too much and more on how I fit into my running shorts so I don’t obsess over a number and at the end of the day, I have approximately 10 pairs of shorts that I don’t fit comfortably in because I’ve gained weight. It is honestly a pain in the butt because those shorts cost a lot and I don’t want to buy new shorts!

Okay so enough with that, time to move onto what I was up to last week. I’ve been on the heart rate training train recently and haven’t been focusing on my pace and I find that it’s been really helpful with my runs since it’s one less thing to stress out about while running.

Tuesday I got to play around with “speed” by running whatever I wanted between zone 3 and 4. That was fun since my legs were itching to pick up the pace a little after a few weeks of easy relaxed running.

Thursday was a little frustrating. I use a chest strap for my HR and my bra and the strap just was not getting along. My bra kept pushing the chest strap down so it wasn’t picking up my HR so it was annoying when my run was zone 4 intervals and my watch was telling me my HR was 98. Yeah, no. It definitely was not.

Friday was … relaxing? I took a quick trip to my RMT for a massage because my hip and back was bothering me a little. So my RMT spent some time working on my stomach area and holy crap that was painful. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain when it comes to massages but that was rough. I’m STILL tender if I poke my stomach. If you’re curious as to how that works, go lay on your roller and roll out your hip flexors in the lower stomach area.

Monday on the Run

Sunday I was nervous. I had 16K on my plan and it would be the furtherest I’ve run in about a year. After being exhausted and sleeping for over 10hrs, I made my way out for my run. I was a little shocked to be honest when I was done because while it did take me forever, I didn’t hate it. If you’ve been following along for a while now, after my last half marathon, I had grown to hate long runs. I just wanted a break and I thought I’d never want to do a long run again. While I was nervous, I was looking forward to it and ended up really enjoying the run so I guess I don’t hate long runs anymore lol. I got to run through my trails, I got to run with random dogs, and I just got to spend some time by myself with my podcasts. It was a nice way to end off the week.

And with that happy note, I’m going to end the blog post 😉 Fingers crossed that I make it through my next long run without any breakdowns!

Let’s chat! How was your week? Did you try anything new? Any goal races? 


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